Awesome Vue Boilerplate

😍 Awesome Vue Boilerplate 🥳 Vue 🥰 Vuex, vuex-pathify 🤗 element-ui 🤲 tailwindcss
Alternatives To Awesome Vue Boilerplate
Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
Laravel Vue Survey215
a year ago8PHP
This is a full stack application of Vue 3 with Tailwindcss 3 and Laravel 8
Vuejs Tailwindcss Portfolio179
5 months ago1mitVue
A simple multipage and responsive Vue.js & Tailwind CSS portfolio theme with dark mode.
Laravel Spa135
a month ago5mitJavaScript
A Laravel + Socialite + Vite + Vue 3 + TailwindCSS SPA Boilerplate with user authentication, registration, email verification, social media authentication, password recovery, user management, and roles/permissions management. Uses TailwindCSS. While the front end is part of this repository it is a completely separated Vue 3 front end.
Todolist Frontend Vuejs115
3 years ago1mitJavaScript
Front-end application for Todolist Web application built with Laravel and Vue.js
Vue Cli Uniapp100
a month ago1mitJavaScript
Nuxtjs Tailwindcss Portfolio52
5 months ago1mitVue
Nuxt.js & Tailwind CSS version of the portfolio project.
Laravel Vue Sanctum Spa47
2 years agoPHP
A Laravel 8 and Vue 3 SPA boilerplate using tailwind styling and sanctum for authentication :ghost:
Kuma Gui38
16 hours ago48apache-2.0Vue
🐻 A GUI built on Vue.js for use with Kuma.
Awesome Vue Boilerplate36
4 years ago1JavaScript
😍 Awesome Vue Boilerplate 🥳 Vue 🥰 Vuex, vuex-pathify 🤗 element-ui 🤲 tailwindcss
a year ago35mitVue
UI/UX focused minimal web wallet powered by NuxtJS and TailwindCSS
Alternatives To Awesome Vue Boilerplate
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Awesome Vue Boilerplate

Awesome Vue

This is an ever-evolving, very opinionated architecture and dev environment for new Vue SPA projects using Vue CLI 3.

Getting started

# 1. Clone the repository.
git clone my-new-project

# 2. Enter your newly-cloned folder.
cd my-new-project

# 3. Install dependencies. Make sure yarn is installed:

# 6. Read the documentation linked below for "Setup and development".


This project includes a docs folder with more details on:

  1. Setup and development
  2. Architecture
  3. Languages and technologies
  4. Routing, layouts, and views
  5. State management
  6. Tests and mocking the API
  7. Linting and formatting
  8. Editor integration
  9. Building and deploying to production
  10. Troubleshooting
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