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MyEtherWallet is a doorway to the Ethereum blockchain, allowing users to manage their own funds without a centralized platform. -Stephen, #MEWForce

"MyEtherWallet Logo


  • Empower the people: Give people the ability to interact with the Ethereum blockchain easily, without having to run a full node.
  • Make it easy & free: Everyone should be able to create a wallet and send Ether & Tokens without additional cost.
  • People are the Priority: People are the most important & their experience trumps all else. If monetization worsens the experience, we don't do it. (e.g. ads)
  • A learning experience, too: We want to educate about Ethereum, security, privacy, the importance of controlling your own keys, how the blockchain works, and how Ethereum and blockchain technologies enable a better world.
  • If it can be hacked, it will be hacked: Never save, store, or transmit secret info, like passwords or keys.
  • Offline / Client-Side: User should be able to run locally and offline without issue.
  • Private: No tracking!!! No emails. No ads. No demographics. We don't even know how many wallets have been generated, let alone who / what / where you are.
  • Open source & auditable

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Bug / Feature Request

If you find a bug, or want a new feature added, please submit it on the Github Issues

Reporting a Vulnerability

Please do not file a public ticket mentioning the vulnerability.

To find out how to disclose a vulnerability visit

Getting started

  1. Make sure you have NodeJS >= 10, but older than version 12, and NPM version 6 or greater.
  2. Open terminal
  3. Clone the repo: git clone [email protected]:MyEtherWallet/MyEtherWallet.git
  4. run npm i to install node packages.
  5. run npm run start:ci
  6. App should be running in https://localhost:8080


  1. Open terminal
  2. Clone the repo: git clone [email protected]:MyEtherWallet/MyEtherWallet.git
  3. run git checkout develop
  4. run npm i to install node packages.
  5. run npm run start:ci
  6. App should be running in https://localhost:8080

You can also use the offline version by running npm run build then opening the index file from the dist folder with your preferred browser

Can't start due to an update found: Update the package in the package.json as told by the terminal error you see. Example error: new update found print-js 1.0.60 1.0.63 2019-11-15T05:05:52.202Z

EACCESS issue can be resolved by running: sudo chown -R $(whoami) ~/.npm For other issues, try the steps shown here: by @tomwalton78

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