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A simple java command line application for Amazon Glacier. You can find the latest version at

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How to get it

Either download a binary or build the software yourself.

How to build it

  1. Check out the sourcecode git clone
  2. Build with maven mvn package
  3. Run

If you build the application yourself, you have to use the JAR from glacieruploader-impl module.

How to run

To run the application, use the following command:

java -jar <PATH TO GLACIERUPLOADER JAR> --option1 value1 --option2 value2 ...

Since 0.1.1 the default amazon credentials lookup is used:

  • Environment Variables - AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY (RECOMMENDED since they are recognized by all the AWS SDKs and CLI except for .NET), or AWS_ACCESS_KEY and AWS_SECRET_KEY (only recognized by Java SDK)
  • Java System Properties - aws.accessKeyId and aws.secretKey
  • Credential profiles file at the default location (~/.aws/credentials) shared by all AWS SDKs and the AWS CLI
  • Credentials delivered through the Amazon EC2 container service if AWS_CONTAINER_CREDENTIALS_RELATIVE_URI environment variable is set and security manager has permission to access the variable
  • Instance profile credentials delivered through the Amazon EC2 metadata service

See official javadocs for DefaultAWSCredentialsProviderChain for more information.

Command-line options

Option                                  Description
------                                  -----------
-?, -h, --help                          display the help menu
-a, --calculate <File>                  calculate hashsum for a file
-c, --create                            creates a new vault
-d, --delete                            deletes an existing archive
-g, --region                            name of the region to use, one of
                                        NOTE: use --region instead of --endpoint
-l, --list-inventory                    retrieve the inventory listing of a vault
-m, --multipartupload <File>            start uploading a new archive in chunks
-o, --download                          download an existing archive
-p, --partsize [Integer]                sets the size of each part for multipart uploads (default: 10485760)
-r, --delete-vault                      deletes an existing vault
-s, --list-vaults                       lists all available vaults
-t, --target <File>                     filename to store downloaded archive
-u, --upload <File>                     start uploading a new archive
-v, --vault                             name of your vault

Deprecated command-line options

-e, --endpoint                          URL of the amazon AWS endpoint where your vault is

If you have issues with command line parameters containing an -, put the parameter in quotes (").

Configuration file

Available since 0.0.6

If you don't want to specify the options credentials, vault and endpoint every time, you can create a configuration file .glacieruploaderrc and enter the options there. The default is to search for the configuration file in java user.home directory.

This is an example of the configuration file:



Create vault

Available since 0.0.4.

java -jar glacieruploader.jar --endpoint --vault myvaultname --create

Delete vault

Available since 0.0.4. Changed in 0.0.6.

java -jar glacieruploader.jar --endpoint --vault myvaultname --delete-vault

Upload archive

Available since 0.0.3.

java -jar glacieruploader.jar --endpoint --vault myvaultname --upload /path/to/my/

Starting to upload
Using endpoint
Starting upload of
Uploaded archive j7UL7pH46FJGhoAxNVDsdjhHs_GLSKGLd12Dq44dfiyTciW6DSCQubctUFEZ4nKWPrJzv_YoxPVK_TfdAuMCxiQIE3_zEGDg84luI0-tzWMusdfjKHG2ILuhJhK5PySOOaw

This will return an archive id which you can use to retrieve the archive again later.

Multipart Upload archive

Available since 0.0.8.

java -jar glacieruploader.jar --endpoint --vault myvaultname --multipartupload /path/to/my/ --partsize 8388608

Multipart uploading upload
Using endpoint
ArchiveID: j7UL7pH46FJGhoAxNVDsdjhHs_GLSKGLd12Dq44dfiyTciW6DSCQubctUFEZ4nKWPrJzv_YoxPVK_TfdAuMCxiQIE3_zEGDg84luI0-tzWMusdfjKHG2ILuhJhK5PySOOaw
Part uploaded, checksum: 964a3dea958ad12959450dcc8f28acba0830989d1b8ae72442cebbe6f0d29e3e
Uploaded archive j7UL7pH46FJGhoAxNVDsdjhHs_GLSKGLd12Dq44dfiyTciW6DSCQubctUFEZ4nKWPrJzv_YoxPVK_TfdAuMCxiQIE3_zEGDg84luI0-tzWMusdfjKHG2ILuhJhK5PySOOaw

This will return an archive id which you can use to retrieve the archive again later.

For a discussion about the partsize see

Download archive

Available since 0.0.4. Changed in 0.0.5.

java -jar glacieruploader.jar --endpoint --vault myvaultname --download myarchiveid --target path/to/

This will download the archive to a temporary location and append the prefix glacier- and the postfix .dl to the file. This will change later and you'll provide the file location.

The option --target specifies an absolute or relative path to a file where the downloaded archive will be saved.

Delete archive

Available since 0.0.6

java -jar glacieruploader.jar --endpoint --vault myvaultname --delete myarchiveid

Deletes the archive myarchiveid.

Calculate HASH for file

Available since 0.0.5.

java -jar glacieruploader.jar --calculate /path/to/

This will calculate a TreeHash sum for the given file. The hash can be verified with the one calculated by Amazon.

List inventory

java -jar glacieruploader.jar --endpoint --vault myvaultname --list-inventory
Listing inventory for vault myvaultname...
Inventory Job ID=8yM9rC4RvSKW5QlXdsglkjJHDFGPMSQyZA2CjhpIWgw2AE4lyyIU87uZz2d-b8eoKrCbGehR4vj5dfHiKPA9Zj5

This will give you a job ID for the inventory listing of the vault. After the job is completed, you can retrieve the listing.

Retrieve inventory listing

Available since 0.0.3.

java -jar glacieruploader.jar --endpoint --vault myvaultname --list-inventory yourjobidfromthepreviousstep
Retrieving inventory for job id 8yM9rC4RvSKW5QlXdsglkjJHDFGPMSQyZA2CjhpIWgw2AE4lyyIU87uZz2d-b8eoKrCbGehR4vj5dfHiKPA9Zj5...
Using endpoint

Retrieve recent jobs

Available since 0.1.1.

java -jar glacieruploader.jar --endpoint --vault myvaultname --list-jobs
Job ID: gtf3gLYYO4Hh7p_lImBT6VcHwUPp1cMpwWcbIa31rl9c82t6xKuUXiZa8tubAwbE0_gRBiKvlrx7S3MmjWrTv1234567
Creation date: 2016-01-01T12:34:56.789Z
Status: InProgress

Job ID: 4TVy1rijcW4ezU5o2zJv8RzLrUkh8l8mffSJK4KB--fwyMPxhu0e3u8D5Ucw9Y2c0nyYbnTOlVKBXGiIz9wMp1234567
Creation date: 2016-01-01T12:34:56.789Z
Status: InProgress

List all vaults

Available since 0.0.8

java -jar glacieruploader.jar --endpoint eu-west-1 -s 
CreationDate:		2012-08-22T06:33:34.574Z
LastInventoryDate:	2014-12-05T16:38:22.250Z
NumberOfArchives:	12
SizeInBytes:		15358796835
VaultARN:		arn:aws:glacier:eu-west-1:123456789:vaults/myvault

This is not working for me. What should I do?

Go to my Issues page and add a new issue with a nice report about what's failing for you. Try to provide enough information so I can help you out and fix the error for everyone. It might be a good idea to check for existing issues before reporting a new one.

And as always, you can fork me and fix the error yourself. :-)


This project is distributed under GNU GPL v3.

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