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XAttacker Tool Free Vesion

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XAttacker Tool Free Version☣ Website Vulnerability Scanner & Auto Exploiter
You can use this tool to check the security by finding the vulnerability in your website or you can use this tool to Get Shells | Sends | Deface | cPanels | Databases

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🌟 XAttacker v10 Tool Premium 🌟

XAttacker Free Vesion

XAttacker Tool Free Version ☣ Website Vulnerability Scanner & Auto Exploiter

[+] Auto Cms Detect

[1] WordPress :

[+] Adblock Blocker
[+] WP All Import
[+] Blaze
[+] Catpro
[+] Cherry Plugin
[+] Download Manager
[+] Formcraft
[+] levoslideshow
[+] Power Zoomer
[+] Gravity Forms
[+] Revslider Upload Shell
[+] Revslider Dafece Ajax
[+] Revslider Get Config
[+] Showbiz
[+] Simple Ads Manager
[+] Slide Show Pro
[+] WP Mobile Detector
[+] Wysija
[+] InBoundio Marketing
[+] dzs-zoomsounds
[+] Reflex Gallery
[+] Creative Contact Form
[+] Work The Flow File Upload
[+] WP Job Manger
[+] PHP Event Calendar
[+] Synoptic
[+] Wp Shop
[+] Content Injection
[+] Cubed Theme NEW
[+] Rightnow Theme NEW
[+] Konzept NEW
[+] Omni Secure Files NEW
[+] Pitchprint NEW
[+] Satoshi NEW
[+] Pinboard NEW
[+] Barclaycart NEW

[2] Joomla

[+] Com Jce
[+] Com Media
[+] Com Jdownloads
[+] Com Fabrik
[+] Com Jdownloads Index
[+] Com Foxcontact
[+] Com Ads Manager
[+] Com Blog
[+] Com Users
[+] Com Weblinks
[+] mod_simplefileupload
[+] Com Facileforms NEW
[+] Com Jwallpapers NEW
[+] Com Extplorer NEW
[+] Com Rokdownloads NEW
[+] Com Sexycontactform NEW
[+] Com Jbcatalog NEW

[3] DruPal

[+] Add Admin
[+] Drupalgeddon NEW

[4] PrestaShop

[+] columnadverts
[+] soopamobile
[+] soopabanners
[+] Vtermslideshow
[+] simpleslideshow
[+] productpageadverts
[+] homepageadvertise
[+] homepageadvertise2
[+] jro_homepageadvertise
[+] attributewizardpro
[+] 1attributewizardpro
[+] AttributewizardproOLD
[+] attributewizardpro_x
[+] advancedslider
[+] cartabandonmentpro
[+] cartabandonmentproOld
[+] videostab
[+] wg24themeadministration
[+] fieldvmegamenu
[+] wdoptionpanel
[+] pk_flexmenu
[+] pk_vertflexmenu
[+] nvn_export_orders
[+] megamenu
[+] tdpsthemeoptionpanel
[+] psmodthemeoptionpanel
[+] masseditproduct
[+] blocktestimonial NEW

[5] Lokomedia

SQL injection



Short Form Long Form Description
-l --list websites list


if you have list websites run tool with this command line

perl -l list.txt

if you don't have list websites run the tool with this command



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You Want Ask About All My Tools Or Buy Tools/Exploits Private Add Me On :
ICQ : moham3driahi
Telegram : moham3driahi
E-mail : [email protected]

Installation Linux alt tag

git clone
cd XAttacker

Follow This Video SSTec Tutorials

Installation Android alt tag

Download Termux

git clone
cd XAttacker
chmod +x

Follow This Video Psyco Tutorials

Installation Windows alt tag

Download Perl
Download XAttacker
Extract XAttacker into Desktop
Open CMD and type the following commands:
cd Desktop/XAttacker-master/


Current version is 2.5 What's New
β€’ blocktestimonial Exploit
β€’ Cubed Theme Exploit
β€’ Rightnow Theme Exploit
β€’ Konzept Exploit
β€’ Omni Secure Files Exploit
β€’ Pitchprint Exploit
β€’ Satoshi Exploit
β€’ Pinboard Exploit
β€’ Barclaycart Exploit
β€’ Com Facileforms Exploit
β€’ Com Jwallpapers Exploit
β€’ Com Extplorer Exploit
β€’ Com Rokdownloads Exploit
β€’ Com Sexycontactform Exploit
β€’ Com Jbcatalog Exploit
β€’ Com Blog Exploit
β€’ Com Foxcontact Exploit
β€’ Drupal Geddon Exploit
β€’ Speed up
β€’ Bug fixes

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