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Android Kotlin MVI Clean Architecture APP

kotlin MVI coroutines Kotlin-Android-Extensions

  • Modularization
  • Gradle Dependency management
  • Gradle written in Kotlin DSL
  • Custom Plugin (dependencies with no duplication)
  • Navigation Components
  • Coroutines and flows
  • Room Persistence Library
  • Dependency Injection/Service Locator with Koin Library.
  • Model View Intent Architecture - MVI.
  • Repository pattern (NetworkBoundResource)
  • Clean Architecture approach.
  • Static Code Analytics Ktlint This plugin creates convenient tasks in your Gradle project that run ktlint checks or do code auto format.


Refer to the issues section:



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Kotlin (46,457
Gradle (12,971
Flow (10,548
Coroutine (3,112
Retrofit2 (1,811
Mvvm Architecture (1,325
Repository Pattern (651
Room Persistence Library (449
Kotlin Dsl (371
Mvi (304
Koin (260
Ktlint (208
Navigation Component (195
Navigation Architecture Component (158
Mvi Architecture (83
Networkboundresource (12