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DejaVue - Vue.js visualization and stress testing

(Only works with Vue 2.0!)


Click here to download the extension!

Manual Installation

Make sure you are using Node 6+ and NPM 3+

1. Clone this repo

2. npm run build

3. Open Chrome extension page

4. Check "developer mode"

5. Click "load unpacked extension", and choose the entire folder.

Building over it

1. Clone this repo

2. npm install

3. npm run dev

Features - all work with and without a state management library (e.g. Vuex)

1. Application Structure Visualization - Interactive tree

2. Component Inspection - view props, variables and slots

3. Diff Engine - As you test see which components are being updated and what those changes are

4. Time Travel - Move backwards and forwards through your state changes and see both the tree and your application update

5. Component Highlighting - Hover over a tree leaf to highlight the component on your app


Everything else

Want to help contribute? Fork the repo and have at it!

Why and how we decided to build this

Next on the pipeline: Squashing bugs and implementing stress testing

Authors: Scott, Mike, and Jon

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