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As the name suggests, this project is a clone of a famous Q/A website for professional and enthusiast programmers built solely by me using a completely different stack.

This repo consists of the Frontend code of the project, the backend code is in Stackoverflow-Clone-Backend

My Tech Stack (MERN)


  • Front-end Framework: React.js (with Redux)
  • Styling: SASS and BOOTSTRAP


  • For handling server requests: Node.js with Express.js Framework
  • As Database: MySQL
  • API tested using: POSTMAN

Original Tech Stack

  • For handling server requests: C#
  • As Database: Microsoft SQL Server
  • .NET as well


  • Go to

Guidelines to setup

  1. Open your local CLI -

    mkdir Stackoverflow-Clone
    cd Stackoverflow-Clone
  2. Setup the backend code -

    • Create a .env file and the format should be as given in .env.example.

    • Clone the code & install the modules-

      git clone
      cd Stackoverflow-Clone-Backend
      npm install
    • Open your MySQL Client -

      source ./data/databaseConfig.sql
      source ./data/seed.sql
    • Run the server npm start.

  3. Open a new CLI terminal and goto the root Stackoverflow-Clone folder you created in the first step.

  4. Setup the Frontend code -

    • Clone the code & install the modules-

      git clone
      cd Stackoverflow-Clone-Frontend
      npm install
    • Run the client server npm start.

Follow the steps properly and you are good to go.


VIDEO - Watch the video

Video Last Updated on 22nd March, 2020


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