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Get realtime market prices and indicator values from Tradingview !


  • [x] Premium features
  • [x] Automatically backtest many strategies and try many settings in a very little time
  • [x] Get drawings you made on your chart
  • [x] Works with invite-only indicators
  • [x] Unlimited simultaneous indicators
  • [x] Realtime
  • [x] Get TradingView's technical analysis
  • [x] Replay mode + Fake Replay mode (for free plan)
  • [x] Get values from a specific date range
  • [ ] TradingView socket server emulation
  • [ ] Interract with public chats
  • [ ] Get Screener top values
  • [ ] Get Hotlists
  • [ ] Get Calendar


  • Trading bot
  • Discord alerts
  • Hard backtest
  • Machine Learning based indicator
  • Free replay mode for all timeframes


Stable version:

npm i @mathieuc/tradingview

Last version:

npm i github:Mathieu2301/TradingView-API


You can find all the examples and snippets in ./examples folder.

Before opening an issue

Please look at examples and previously resolved issues before opening a new one. I can't help everyone (especially for questions that are not library related but JavaScript related). Thank you for your understanding.


If you have errors in console or unwanted behavior, please create an issue here.

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