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CountriesNow API


A curation of Countries data including (dial codes, states, cities, currencies, capitals etc) served over a REST API so you don't have to have them locally in your applications. This means lighter application sizes as you wouldn't have to install another package to use geo data. Please note that this doesn't guarantee complete or correct data, feel free to raise issues where necessary.

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The API does not require any form of Authentication or token.

const BASE_URL = ''

let getCountries = async () => {
  const response = await fetch(`${BASE_URL}`).then(response => response.json())
  const { data } = response

  data.forEach((country) => {
    console.log(country) // {"country": "Afghanistan", "cities": [ "Herat", "Kabul", "Kandahar", "Molah", ...]}

The API does not require any form of Authentication or token.

Local Setup

git clone

Change directory

cd countriesNowAPI

Install packages

npm i

Start Project

npm start

Run test

npm run integration:test


Please read the contribution guide here

All thanks to this gist, datahub, and this repository for the data curated.

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