A multithreaded Minecraft server built for redstone.
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Minecraft High-Performance Redstone Server

Build Status License: MIT Discord Banner 2

A Minecraft 1.18.2 creative server built for redstone. Each 256x256 plot runs on a separate thread, allowing for less lag, more concurrency, and many awesome extra features!

MCHPRS is very different from traditional servers. Because this server is tailored to the use of computation redstone, many things that are a part of Vanilla Minecraft servers don't exist here. That being said, MCHPRS comes with many of its own unique features.

MCHPRS has made it possible to run programs such as Graph Rendering, Conway's Game of Life, and Mandelbrot Rendering on CPUs in Minecraft. To accomplish these speeds, we created Redpiler, the "Redstone Compiler".

Table of Contents


If the Rust compiler is not already installed, you can find out how on their official website.

git clone
cargo build --release

Once complete, the optimized executable will be located at ./target/release/mchprs or ./target/release/mchprs.exe depending on your operating system.


MCHPRS will generate a Config.toml file in the current working directory when starting the server if it does not exist.


MCHPRS has basic support for LuckPerms with MySQL or MariaDB remote database storage. This implementation has no commands or interface and would have to be manged through LuckPerms running on a proxy (/lpb) or other server (/lp)

To use LuckPerms, append this to your Config.toml:

# Define the address for the database.
host = "localhost"
# The name of the database the LuckPerms data is in.
db_name = "minecraft"
# Credentials for the database.
username = "minecraft"
password = "minecraft"
# The name of the server, used for server specific permissions.
# See:
server_context = "global"


General Commands

Command Alias Description
/rtps [rtps] None Set the redstone ticks per second in the plot to [rtps]. (There are two game ticks in a redstone tick)
/radvance [ticks] /radv Advances the plot by [ticks] redstone ticks.
/teleport [player] /tp Teleports you to [player].
/teleport [x] [y] [z] /tp Teleports you to [x] [y] [z]. Supports relative coordinates. Floats can be expressed as described here.
/speed [speed] None Sets your flyspeed.
/gamemode [mode] /gmc, /gmsp Sets your gamemode.
/container [type] [power] None Gives you a container (e.g. barrel) which outputs a specified amount of power when used with a comparator.
/redpiler compile /rp c Manually starts redpiler compilation. Available flags: --io-only --optimize --export (or in short: -I -O -E)
/redpiler reset /rp r Stops redpiler.
/toggleautorp None Toggles automatic redpiler compilation.
/stop None Stops the server.

Plot Ownership

The plot ownership system in MCHPRS is very incomplete. These are the commands that are currently implemented: | Command | Alias | Description | | --- | --- |--- | | /plot info | /p i | Gets the owner of the plot you are in. | | /plot claim | /p c | Claims the plot you are in if it is not already claimed. | | /plot auto | /p a | Automatically finds an unclaimed plot and claims. | | /plot middle | None | Teleports you to the center of the plot you are in. | | /plot visit [player] | /p v | Teleports you to a player's plot. | | /plot tp [x] [z] | None | Teleports you to the plot at [x] [y]. Supports relative coordinates. | | /plot lock | None | Locks the player into the plot so moving outside of the plot bounds does not transfer you to other plots. | | /plot unlock | None | Reverses the locking done by /plot lock. |


MCHPRS provides its own implementation of WorldEdit. Visit their documentation for more information. These are the commands that are currently implemented: | Command | Alias | Description | | --- | --- |--- | | /up | /u | Go upwards some distance | | /ascend | /asc | Go up a floor | | /descend | /desc | Go down a floor | | //pos1 | //1 | Set position 1 | | //pos2 | //2 | Set position 2 | | //hpos1 | //h1 | Set position 1 to targeted block | | //hpos2 | //h2 | Set position 2 to targeted block | | //sel | None | Clears your worldedit first and second positions. | | //set | None | Sets all the blocks in the region | | //replace | None | Replace all blocks in a selection with another | | //copy | //c | Copy the selection to the clipboard | | //cut | //x | Cut the selection to the clipboard | | //paste | //v | Paste the clipboard's contents | | //undo | None | Undoes the last action (from history) | | //redo | None | Redoes the last action (from history) | | //rstack | //rs | Stack with more options, Refer to RedstoneTools | | //stack | //s | Repeat the contents of the selection | | //move | None | Move the contents of the selection | | //count | None | Counts the number of blocks matching a mask | | //load | None | Loads a schematic from the ./schems/ folder. Make sure the schematic in the Sponge format if there are any issues. | | //save | None | Save a schematic to the ./schems/ folder. | | //expand | //e | Expand the selection area | | //contract | None | Contract the selection area | | //shift | None | Shift the selection area | | //flip | //f | Flip the contents of the clipboard across the origin | | //rotate | //r | Rotate the contents of the clipboard | | //update | None | Updates all blocks in the selection | | //help | None | Displays help for WorldEdit commands |


  • @AL1L for his contributions to worldedit and other various features.
  • @DavidGarland for a faster and overall better implementation of get_entry in the in-memory storage. This simple function runs 30% of the runtime for redstone.


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.



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