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What is Whiskers?

Whiskers is an Open Source, visual Dialogue editor made using Godot.


How do I use this?

We've included a few example projects in /examples to get you started! Play around with them to understand what each node does, and how they interact with each-other!

It is very important that you connect all dead-end nodes to an End node! Or else your dialogue asset won't save properly and it'll run into issues while parsing! This can cause you to lose all unsaved progress!

This project is still being developed, and you will encounter bugs! Please be sure to report all issues to this Repository so we can get them fixed ASAP!

How do I use an exported Dialogue Assets?

There's an awesome parser GDScript class here, which should get you up and running using Whiskers Dialogue assets lightning quick!

How can I help?

The best way to help is to use Whiskers and give me your suggestions and feedback! Pull-requests are always welcome!

Please follow the GDScript Style Guide when submitting pull-requests! Thank you!

Why did you make Whiskers?

There are lots of awesome Dialogue creation tools out there, but I like a good challenge! Creating this tool taught me a lot about Godot. Having created my own solution also means that I can add new Features much quicker than if I was using a third-party one!

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