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Enhanced Entry for Xamarin Forms

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A simple extended Xamarin Forms Entry with custom behaviours.


Available on NuGet: NuGet Install into your Xamarin.Forms project including client project i.e. .Android, .iOS etc.

Gif Demo

EnhancedEntry Gif

Sample Code


You must do this AFTER you call Xamarin.Forms.Init();

In your Android


In your iOS

 LoadApplication(new App());


First add the xmlns namespace:


Then add the xaml (or just use the code behind)

Bindable Properties

  • LeftIcon

Places an icon to the left inside the entry, icons to be placed inside respective drawable folders and iOS in the resources files, set the PaddingLeftIcon for padding space between icon and entry text.

  • BorderWidth

Must be set for respective bindables such as CornerRadius, FocusBorderColor etc.

  • FocusBorderColor

When the entry has focus otherwise the BorderColor will be set when off focus.

  • BackgroundColor

  • LeftPadding, TopBottomPadding and RightPadding

Desired padding between the Entry text and the edge of the Entry.

  • ReturnKeyType

Displayed for the keyboard action button. Run time exception will be thrown if unsupported on platform.

  • NextEntry

Entry that will be given focus when keyboard action button pressed and keyboard ReturnKeyType is type - Next, otherwise if GoToNextEntryOnLengthBehaviour has been added and condition is satisfied.

  • KeyBoardAction

Given command parameter to execute when keyboard action button pressed and ReturnKeyType is type - Done.

Custom Behaviours

  • PasswordCompareValidationBehavior

Compare entries given some condition checks. Each entry should contain in the collection PasswordCompareValidation the entries to compare (see examples above), additional bindable properties include ValidColor and InValidColor that apply if there is or isn't a match between the collection of Entries.

PLEASE NOTE: Although these bindable properties are set per entry, they should all have the same values for all entries to check in the collection. You are able to set the MinimumLength of the passwords. Currently the password validation requires an uppercase, lowercase and a number, therefore the minimum length can be set.

  • EmailValidatorBehavior

Used for emails. The EmailRegularExpression bindable property can be overridden if desired.

  • GoToNextEntryOnLengthBehaviour

Sets focus to the NextEntry on the given CharacterLength. In addition required to set MaxLengthValidator i.e. MaxLength="1" to ensure that the entry doesn't exceed the CharacterLength

  • ShowHiddenEntryEffect

Toggles visibility of text with type password. Use Effects = { new ShowHiddenEntryEffect() }

  • MaskedBehavior

Applies a mask to the Entry. Bindable properties InValidColor and ValidColor can be set to update the color for of the drawable image within the Entry. Please set LeftIcon to enable this. Refer to docs.


Licensed under MIT, see license file

As with any open source project if you see improvements feel free to add your PR's

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