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Fastadapter3,721176163 months ago138November 24, 20217apache-2.0Kotlin
The bullet proof, fast and easy to use adapter library, which minimizes developing time to a fraction...
2 years ago13otherKotlin
2 years ago60apache-2.0Java
Fast and versatile Adapter for RecyclerView which regroups several features into one library to considerably improve the user experience :-)
2 years ago181mitJava
TableView is a powerful Android library for displaying complex data structures and rendering tabular data composed of rows, columns and cells.
6 years ago108Java
ArrayAdapter,pull to refresh,auto load more,Header/Footer,EmptyView,ProgressView,ErrorView
5 years ago1apache-2.0Java
An Android library for decomposing RecyclerView layouts to improve scroll performance.
5 years ago12apache-2.0Kotlin
Don't write a RecyclerView adapter again. Not even a ViewHolder!
19 days ago3mitKotlin
A Viewholderless Adapter for RecyclerView, who supports builtin diffing, states (paging, empty...), events (clicking, swiping...), and more.
a year ago10apache-2.0Java
自定义支持上拉加载更多,下拉刷新,可以自定义头部和底部,可以添加多个headerView,使用一个原生recyclerView就可以搞定复杂界面。支持自由切换状态【加载中,加载成功,加载失败,没网络等状态】的控件,可以自定义状态视图View。拓展功能【支持长按拖拽,侧滑删除】,轻量级,可以选择性添加 。多年前已经使用于前项目投资界,新芽,沙丘大学等APP正式项目中!持续更新……
Efficientadapter427514 years ago5February 21, 20212apache-2.0Java
Create a new adapter for a RecyclerView or ViewPager is now much easier.
Alternatives To Generic Adapter
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Generic RecyclerView Adapter.

Lightweight library which simplifies creating RecyclerView adapters and illuminates writing boilerplate code.

Creating adapters is as easy as never before, just follow the steps below:

1. Add dependency to your build.gradle (app-level).

dependencies {
    implementation "com.leodroidcoder:generic-adapter:1.0.1"

2. Create a ViewHolder:

public class UserViewHolder extends BaseViewHolder<User, OnRecyclerItemClickListener> {

    private TextView nameTv;

    public UserViewHolder(View itemView, OnRecyclerItemClickListener listener) {
        super(itemView, listener);
        // initialize view and set click listener
        nameTv = itemView.findViewById(;
        if (listener != null) {
                    itemView.setOnClickListener(v -> listener.onItemClick(getAdapterPosition()));

    public void onBind(User item) {
        // bind data to the views

Or in Kotlin:

class UserViewHolder(itemView: View, listener: OnRecyclerItemClickListener?) : BaseViewHolder<User, OnRecyclerItemClickListener>(itemView, listener) {

    private val nameTv: TextView? = itemView.tv_name

    init {
        listener?.run {
            itemView.setOnClickListener { onItemClick(adapterPosition) }

    override fun onBind(item: User) {
        nameTv?.text =

3. Create an Adapter:

public class SimpleAdapter extends GenericRecyclerViewAdapter<User, OnRecyclerItemClickListener, UserViewHolder> {

    public SimpleAdapter(Context context, OnRecyclerItemClickListener listener) {
        super(context, listener);

    public UserViewHolder onCreateViewHolder(ViewGroup parent, int viewType) {
        return new UserViewHolder(inflate(R.layout.item_user, parent), getListener());

Or in Kotlin:

class SimpleAdapter(context: Context, listener: OnRecyclerItemClickListener) : GenericRecyclerViewAdapter<User, OnRecyclerItemClickListener, UserViewHolder>(context, listener) {

    override fun onCreateViewHolder(parent: ViewGroup, viewType: Int): UserViewHolder {
        return UserViewHolder(inflate(R.layout.item_user, parent), listener)

That's it!!

Just use it as a regular adapter in your Fragment or Activity:

public class YourFragment extends Fragment implements OnRecyclerItemClickListener {

    public void onViewCreated(@NonNull View view, @Nullable Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        super.onViewCreated(view, savedInstanceState);
        // ...
        // instantiate the adapter and set it onto a RecyclerView
        SimpleAdapter adapter = new SimpleAdapter(getActivity(), this);

        // populate adapter with data when it is ready
        List<User> users = getYourUsers();

     * This is a callback of the recycler listener.
     * {@link OnRecyclerItemClickListener}.
     * Is being triggered when an item has been clicked.
     * @param position clicked position
    public void onItemClick(int position) {
        // get the User entity, associated with the clicked item.
        final User clickedUser = adapter.getItem(position);
        // do whatever you want with it

Simplifies creating:

  • Regular adapters
  • Adapters with multiple ViewTypes
  • with multiple listeners per item
  • with DiffUtil

Checkout complete samples, including all these use cases.

Or read an article with the detailed explanation:


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