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Bliss: Heavenly JavaScript Join the chat at Build Status

Want to use Vanilla JS but find native APIs a bit unwieldy? Bliss is for you.


If using npm:

npm install blissfuljs --save

If not using npm, no worries! Just download your preferred Bliss bundle from


npm install


npm test

Contribute to Bliss!

  • Please follow the existing code style.
  • Do not add new methods before consulting.
  • If editing Bliss, do not edit bliss.js! It’s auto-generated by gulp. The source files are bliss.shy.js and bliss._.js.
  • Remember, code simplicity, readability and conciseness matters a lot for this project. Often juggling the three can be tricky.
  • Right now what Bliss badly needs is tests. If you want to contribute, please consider contributing tests! See here for details.

Browser Support

(Assuming use of alongside)

Chrome Firefox Edge IE Opera Safari
9+ ✔ 6.1+ ✔

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