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A fast and elegant extension for VSCode used for iOSre projects.

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A powerfull tool for iOSre projects, but must be some tall to ride or you will panic your device running some you dont know shell command. With great power comes great responsibility, just like what we are doing with root/kernel permission. If you really did to panic your deivce, , navigate to issue tab and lets have a talk.


  • [x] Multiple iOS device management
  • [x] Save device configurations
  • [x] Applications management - launch, debug, decrypt...
  • [x] Obtain applications information
  • [x] Remote file management over SSH
  • [x] Remote file editing
  • [x] Some useful tools like copy device information, install deb packages...


There are some tools that you need to install on your own listed below. Again, must be some tall to ride .

  • Xcode command line tools (Swift runtime and developer image is required)
  • Frida (both on macOS with pip & iOS with deb package from
  • NEWEST libimobiledevice, iproxy (installed with brew from source)
  • sshpass
  • node js and bagbak (make sure to upgrade to newest version Learn More)
  • python3 and pip3 with requirements located at requirements.txt

Command line tips are below, remember to download requirements.txt and install Xcode CLI on your own.

  • brew uninstall --ignore-dependencies libimobiledevice usbmuxd
  • brew install -v --HEAD --build-from-source usbmuxd libimobiledevice
  • brew install
  • pip3 install -r ./requirements.txt
  • brew install nodejs && npm install -g bagbak

If you failed to build libimobiledevice or usbmuxd, try to reinstall libplist from source. Learn More

  • git clone
  • cd libplist
  • ./ --prefix=/opt/local --without-cython
  • make && sudo make install

To build libplist, you may want to install Xcode CommandLine Tool first along with some pre-requirements.

-> If you want to develop this extension, clone to somewhere else then ~/.vscode otherwise it would be replaced by VSC market place automatically and our binpack would be messed.

Extension Settings

There should be none confuguration hiding away from GUI so go and select that camera then you will find out.

Road Maps

Check out our GitHub Project page for help-wanted features.

2020-05-20 Lakr Aream

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