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Simple signature to ease the paid of catching errors using async/await. This module will allow a simple method of catching errors from an await handler without the need to wrap everything in try/catch blocks. This module is a Node.js only version based on await-to-js minus the typescript aspect. Credit for this module goes to Dima Grossman, as it was based off the code provided.

You continue to use async/await normally, except to wrap the function you are "awaiting", in this module to allow destructuring the returned array into variables. This is similar to the golang error handling syntax.

NOTE: This module works in Node 6+, but in order to use async/await, you need to use Node 8+ or compile with Babel.


Install via NPM:

npm i await-handler --save


const on = require('await-handler');

async function asyncFunctionExample() {
    let [err, result] = await on(myAsyncTask());
    if(err) {
        throw err;
    // ... handle the result


on(promise[, errorProps])

Type: Function

Adds handler to promise in order to return an array which can be destructured. Optionally add additional properties to the returned error by providing an Object to errorProps.

Argument Required? Type Description
promise Yes Promise Promise to wrap and return results for.
errorProps No Object Optional object to append to the Error if one is thrown.


async function basicExample() {
    let [err, result] = await on(myAsyncTask());
    if(err) throw err;
    // ... handle the result

async function errorPropsExample() {
    let [err, result] = await on(myAsyncTask(), { customMessage: 'Something failed!' });
    if(err) {
        return process.exit(1);
    // ... handle the result
Returns {Promise<Array>}

Returns Promise that resolves with array signature [error, results]. If an error is thrown, error will be the the rejection from the promise and results will be undefined. If an error is not thrown, error will be null and results will be the resolved value from the promise.


To run the tests:

npm install
npm run test


MIT License. See License in the repository.

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