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11 days ago21gpl-3.0SourcePawn
CS:GO Custom Weapon Options (Skins, NameTag, StatTrak, Wear/Float, Knives)
a year ago17gpl-3.0Python
Crawl csgo skin info from `` and steam, then find the most suitable one to buy from the former and to sell to the latter.
Python Csgo Cheat154
a year agoPython
All-in-one, undetected CSGO cheat written in Python.
25 days ago38SourcePawn
Store plugin for Source Engine Games.
Smefs Indigo Remastered82
2 years ago17mitC++
Indigo 4.0
Csgo Skinscreenshot56
a month ago8mitSourcePawn
Automated screenshot taking of skins
Csgo Market Float Finder52
3 years ago1mitPython
Find Counter Strike: Global Offensive Steam Market skin float values, seeds, and skin type. Tabulates data for easy sorting.
Csgo Case Data48
a day ago4
9 months ago4mitPawn
CS:GO Mod for Counter-Strike 1.6 (AMXX 1.8.3 / 1.9 / 1.10).
Node Opskins Api31514 years ago11May 08, 20188mitJavaScript
JavaScript SDK for OPSkins' HTTP API
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Build Status Download

Store system for CS:GO, L4D2, Insurgency.
Current status: inactive, bug fix only.
NOTE: This plugin made for BIG community and SENIOR developer, if you are a junior developer or small community, try this version .

Modules and Features:

  • Chat ( Core included ) - Process player name tag, name color, chat color.
  • Grenade ( Core included ) - When player throw a grenade, set nade model or add trail.
  • VIP ( Core included ) - NOT effective, only add to store menu.
  • TPMode ( Core included ) - Allow player change to third-person or mirror mode.
  • Spray ( Core included ) - Allow player spray paint on object surface.
  • Sound ( Core included ) - Allow player trigger server to broadcast a sound.
  • Player ( Core included ) - NOT effective, is a base framework.
    • Aura ( Core included ) - Create a aura that follow the player.
    • Part ( Core included ) - Create a particle trail that follow the player.
    • None ( Core included ) - Create a neon effect that follow the player.
    • Skin ( Core included ) - Custom player skin and arms. (death sound and firstperson-death support)
    • Hats ( Core included ) - Allow player wear hat/glass/facemask/shield/wing.
    • trail ( Core included ) - Create a material trail that follow the player.
  • Model ( optional ) - Allow player use custom weapon instead of valve's model.
  • Pets ( optional ) - Create a pet that follow the player.
  • WeaponSkin ( optional ) - Allow use valve weaon skin and knife skin. Will trigger GSLT ban
  • DefaultSkin (Optional) - Set player skin if player does not equip player skin. Requires Skin module


  • sm_store - Open store menu. [alias: buyammo1/sm_shop/sm_shop]
  • sm_inv - Open store menu as inventory mode. [alias: sm_inventory]
  • sm_credits - Show my credits to all players.
  • sm_hide - Toggle -> hide all hats/pets/trails/neons, it will release your FPS. [alias: sm_hideneon/sm_hidetrail]
  • cheer - Trigger -> server play sound. [alias: sm_cheer]
  • sm_sspb - Toggle -> block cheer sound.
  • spray - Trigger -> spary paint.
  • sm_tp - Toggle -> third-person mode or first-person mode.
  • sm_seeme - Toggle -> mirror mode or normal mode.
  • sm_arms - (administator command) Fix player's arms.

How to install

  • Download latest build.
  • Extract all files on disk.
  • Upload to server following folders:
    • addons
    • models ( optional )
    • materials ( optional )
    • particles ( optional )
    • sound ( optional )
  • Selete store_(GameMode).smx, and rename it to store.smx, others must be deleted. install 1 only
  • Import SQL table to your database. ( SQL scripts: addons/sourcemod/configs/database.sql )
  • If you upgrade from original zeph store:
    • Add "uid" key for each item in 'addons/sourcemod/configs/items.txt'.
    • Upload 'addons/sourcemod/configs/items.txt' to your web host.
    • Upload 'utils/insertParent.php', 'utils/insertItem.php', 'utils/loaditem.php', 'utils/kvphp.php' to your web host.
    • Import parent data to your database. ( exec: php insertParent.php or goto: yourwebserver/insertParent.php )
    • Import item data to your database. ( exec: php insertItem.php or goto: yourwebserver/insertItem.php )
    • Check item validate ( exec: php loaditem.php or goto: yourwebserver/loaditem.php )
  • make sure your database.cfg ( path: addons/sourcemod/configs/database.cfg )
    "driver"    "mysql" // mysql support only
    "host"      "<HOSTNAME>"
    "database"  "<DATABASE>"
    "user"      "<USERNAME>"
    "pass"      "<PASSWORD>"
    "port"      "<PORT>"
  • Start your server and check error logs

How to upgrade store from zephyrus store

  • Delete your old store database table, but keep store_players and store_items.
  • Run SQL command before install our store.
ALTER TABLE `store_players` ADD `ban` int(1) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0';  
  • Install our store follow install guide, but DON'T create new store_players and store_items tables.
  • Uninstall zephyrus store plugins, if you want you use modules, keep these plugins.

How to define new game mode

  • Add definetion after line
#define <Compile_Environment>

e.g. "//GM_BR -> battle royole server"

  • Enable module you want
// Module Skin
#if defined GM_TT || defined GM_ZE || defined GM_MG || defined GM_JB || defined GM_HZ || defined GM_HG || defined GM_SR || defined GM_KZ || defined GM_BH
#include "store/modules/skin.sp"


// Module Skin
#if defined GM_TT || defined GM_ZE || defined GM_MG || defined GM_JB || defined GM_HZ || defined GM_HG || defined GM_SR || defined GM_KZ || defined GM_BH || defined GM_BR
#include "store/modules/skin.sp"

How to add item or parent manually

  • Add Parent -> 'utils/addparent.sql'
  • Add Item -> 'utils/additem.sql'

For developer

  • utils/additem.sql -> Add item via SQL command.
  • utils/addparent.sql -> Add parent via SQL command.
  • utils/insertItem.php -> Import items from items.txt.
  • utils/insertParent.php -> Import parents from items.txt.
  • utils/loaditem.php -> Verify items in SQL database.
  • website/config.php -> Configs of website API.
  • website/example.php -> An example of website-API.
  • website/store.class.php -> Store web-API.


  • SourceMod plugins license under GPLv3 License.
  • Shell, SQL and PHP scripts license under MIT License.

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