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pyslvs-icon Pyslvs-UI

A GUI-based (PyQt5) tool used to design 2D linkage mechanism.

  • Planar Linkages Simulation
  • Mechanical Synthesis
    • Number Synthesis: Combine the attributes of mechanism.
    • Structural Synthesis: Cython algorithm used to find out structural possibilities of the mechanism.
    • Dimensional Synthesis: Kernel from the three Cython algorithms (rewrite).
  • Websites
  • Others
    • Cross three platforms.
    • CAD-like user interface.
    • Auto layout of generalized chain.
    • The code is following with Python Enhancement Proposals (PEP):

If you have any question, please post on GitHub issue or contact [email protected].

Getting Started


Download portable executable file of your platform.


pip install pyslvs-ui


Branch master is in development, use stable branch to install stable dependencies directly.

git checkout stable
pip install -e .

There are more detailed instructions in the documentation.


Pyslvs has a solver backend that can works without the GUI:

from pyslvs import example_list, parse_vpoints, t_config, expr_solving

# Get example with name
expr, inputs = example_list("Jansen's linkage (Single)")
# Parse the mechanism expression into a list of joint data
vpoints = parse_vpoints(expr)
# Config joint data and control data for the solver
exprs = t_config(vpoints, inputs)
# Solve the position
result = expr_solving(exprs, vpoints, {pair: 0. for pair in inputs})
# Get the result from joint 7
x, y = result[7]
print(x, y)  # -43.170055 -91.753226

Please see the documentation for more information.


The documentation of Pyslvs and kernel API. Start it from sources:

pip install mkdocs
pip install -r doc-requirements.txt
mkdocs serve


Please see the reference.

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