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PROJECT IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED - angularjs lts period ends on 2021/12/31

ng-quill Build Status


ng-quill is an Angular.js component for Quill rich text editor.


If you like my work, feel free to support it. Donations to the project are always welcomed :)

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The new version is complete rewritten and is using QuillJS 1.x. For the latest old version (0.20.1) checkout the special branch for it.


  • load angular, quill, ngquill scripts in your index.html
  • original sources are in src-folder, build files are in dist-folder
  • add dependency to your app module var myAppModule = angular.module('quillTest', ['ngQuill']);
  • use ngQuillConfigProvider to overwrite global settings in your config-Block
  • use ngquill directive in your html <ng-quill-editor ng-model="message"></ng-quill-editor>
  • add this line to your css [ng-quill-editor] { display: block; }
  • if you use it in a form and you are resetting it via $setPristine() -> you have to set editor.setText('') -> it will add the error class only, if the model has ng-dirty class
  • add a custom toolbar using ng-quill-toolbar - it uses transclusion to add toolbar, avoids flickering and sets the modules toolbar config to the custom toolbar automatically:

Recommended Usage

<ng-quill-editor ng-model="title">
            <span class="ql-formats">
                <button class="ql-bold" ng-attr-title="{{'Bold'}}"></button>
            <span class="ql-formats">
                <select class="ql-align" ng-attr-title="{{'Aligment'}}">
                    <option selected></option>
                    <option value="center"></option>
                    <option value="right"></option>
                    <option value="justify"></option>
                <select class="ql-align">
                    <option selected></option>
                    <option value="center"></option>
                    <option value="right"></option>
                    <option value="justify"></option>
  • customToolbarPosition - if you are working with a custom toolbar you can switch the position :). - default: top, possible values top, bottom

Full Quill Toolbar HTML

Alternative Usage

let app = angular.module('app', [ 'ngQuill' ])

app.constant('NG_QUILL_CONFIG', {
   * @NOTE: this config/output is not localizable.
  modules: {
    toolbar: [
      ['bold', 'italic', 'underline', 'strike'],        // toggled buttons
      ['blockquote', 'code-block'],

      [{ 'header': 1 }, { 'header': 2 }],               // custom button values
      [{ 'list': 'ordered' }, { 'list': 'bullet' }],
      [{ 'script': 'sub' }, { 'script': 'super' }],     // superscript/subscript
      [{ 'indent': '-1' }, { 'indent': '+1' }],         // outdent/indent
      [{ 'direction': 'rtl' }],                         // text direction

      [{ 'size': ['small', false, 'large', 'huge'] }],  // custom dropdown
      [{ 'header': [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, false] }],

      [{ 'color': [] }, { 'background': [] }],          // dropdown with defaults from theme
      [{ 'font': [] }],
      [{ 'align': [] }],

      ['clean'],                                         // remove formatting button

      ['link', 'image', 'video']                         // link and image, video
  theme: 'snow',
  debug: 'warn',
  placeholder: '',
  readOnly: false,
  bounds: document.body,
  scrollContainer: null


  function (ngQuillConfigProvider, NG_QUILL_CONFIG) {

*see: ./src/ng-quill/app.provider('ngQuillConfig').config


  • use ngQuillConfigProvider.set({modules: { ... }, theme: 'snow', placeholder: 'placeholder', formats: { ... }, bounds: document.body, readyOnly: false) to config toolbar module, other modules, default theme, allowed formats, ...
  • set theme name: theme="snow" (default: 'snow')
  • set readOnly: read-only="" (default: false) - requires true or false
  • overwrite global config for each editor: modules="modulesConfig"
  • set placeholder: placeholder="'Inser your text here'" or placeholder="''" for empty string
  • set bounds: bounds="...", change the default boundary element of the editor (document.body) - set it to 'self' and the editor element is used
  • override formats: formats="formatsArray", per default all quill formats are allowed
  • set max-length: max-length="5", adds validation for maxlength (sets model state to invalid and adds ng-invalid-maxlength class)
  • set min-length: min-length="5", adds validation for minlength (sets model state to invalid and adds ng-invalid-minlength class), only works for values > 1, if you only want to check if there is a value --> use required/ng-required
  • set strict: activate/deactivate strict editor mode (default: true)
  • set scrollingContainer: set html element or css selector that gets the scrollbars
  • use custom-options for adding for example custom font sizes (see example in demo.html) --> this overwrites this options globally !!!
  • format - default 'html', possible values 'json' | 'object' | 'html' | 'text', so you are able to set quill operation object, html or plain text to your model
  • styles - set dynamic inline editor styles - styles="{ backgroundColor: 'red' }"
  • sanitize - santize the model content if format is html (default: false)
  • debug - set debug level, allowed 'error', 'warn', 'log', true, false (default: 'warn')
  • trackChanges - check if only user (quill source user) or all change should be trigger model update, default user. Using all is not recommended, it cause some unexpected sideeffects. But useful for 3rd Party modules and blots to keep your model up to date
  • preserveWhitespace - default: false - possbility to use a pre-tag instead of a div-tag for the contenteditable area to preserve duplicated whitespaces | caution if used with syntax plugin Related issue


  • onEditorCreated: triggered after editor is created and provides editor-object on-editor-created="myCallback(editor)"
  • onContentChanged: triggered after changes in the editor. Provides editor-object, html representation and text representation on-content-changed="myCallback(editor, html, text, content, delta, oldDelta, source)"
  • onSelectionChanged: triggered after text selection changed on-selection-changed="myCallback(editor, range, oldRange, source)" - content = quill editor content object, text = content as plain text, html = content as html string
  • onFocus: triggered if editor gets focus on-focus="myCallback(editor, source)"
  • onBlur: triggered if editor gets focus on-blur="myCallback(editor, source)"

Security Hint

Angular templates provide some assurance against XSS in the form of client side sanitizing of all inputs.

Ng-quill provides the config paramter sanitize to sanitize html-strings passed as ngModel to the component.

It is deactivated per default to avoid stripping content or styling, which is not expected.

But it is recommended to activate this option, if you are working with html strings as model values.

Advanced Usage and Configuration

After editor creation you can use everything from the ordinary quill editor -> listen to editorCreated and work with the editor instance in your controller like you want ;). Add modules, use the quill API or listen to Events. Keep in mind to use $timeout if you are listening / working with quill-Events and updating some $scope stuff to notify angular about it ;). Quill Documentation

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