Minecraft Forge Hybrid server implementing the Spigot/Bukkit API, formerly known as Contigo/Thermos/Cauldron/MCPC+
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Docker Minecraft Server6,782
a day ago81apache-2.0Shell
Docker image that provides a Minecraft Server that will automatically download selected version at startup
2 years agoJuly 12, 202218apache-2.0Lua
Docker + Minecraft = Dockercraft
21 hours ago561otherC++
A lightweight, fast and extensible game server for Minecraft
a month ago2September 13, 2020107apache-2.0Rust
A Minecraft server implementation in Rust
5 days ago120mitLua
Service eggs for the pterodactyl panel
a day ago167apache-2.0Java
1.19.3 Lightweight Minecraft server
17 hours ago39mitRust
A Rust framework for building Minecraft servers.
3 years ago72mitJavaScript
Write Minecraft Plugins in JavaScript.
Bungeecord1,398168 days ago4January 14, 2021355otherJava
BungeeCord, the 6th in a generation of server portal suites. Efficiently proxies and maintains connections and transport between multiple Minecraft servers.
Minecraft Optimization1,310
a month ago1
Minecraft server optimization guide
Alternatives To Kettle
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🛑 «Kettle» or «KettleJava» is deprecated since 23.03.2021

For further development see: KettleRed

Deprecated readme

⚠️ Kettle is still raw and you may encounter issues with using it as your server software. This software is not yet ready for Production use. You have been warned!



Jenkins GitHub release (latest by date)

What's Kettle?

Kettle is the next link in the hybrid server chain: Kettle ➡️ Contigo ➡️ Thermos ➡️ KCauldron ➡️ Cauldron ➡️ MCPC+

Kettle was initially conceived as a fork of Contigo, but after a few iterations got rid of Contigo's dependencies and can no longer be concidered it's fork, but a standalone hybrid server.

Kettle is dependent on custom Forge and Paper builds, meaning it can run both Craftbukkit/spigot-based plugins and forge-based mods.

We hope to eliminate all issues with craftbukkit forge servers. In the end, we envision a seamless, low lag Kettle experience with support for new 1.12+ versions of Minecraft.



  1. Download the server from the Releases section
  2. Make a new folder for the server
  3. Move the server to the folder and rename it to kettle.jar
  4. Make a launch script

Building the sources

All builds are available in build/distributions

  • Clone the Project
    • You can use GitHub Desktop/GitKraken or clone using the terminal
      • git clone -b KettleJava
    • Next you are gonna want to clone the submodule
      • git submodule update --init --recursive
  • Building
    • First you want to setup the project

      • ./gradlew setup
    • To build the project use the following command

      • ./gradlew launch4j
    • Now go and get a drink this may take some time


You are welcome to visit Kettle Discord server here.

More Kettle!

For unstable/test builds, you can check KettleDev!

For 1.14.4 builds, you can check Kettle-1.14.4!

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