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This is an old SpriteSheet Tool which has floated around the internet for years now. I'm not the original maker and the site you could once get it from has been long been gone so I upload it here to preserve it.

Feel Free to download GlueIT here:

For those that have thanked me for GlueIT, You're welcome :3

README.TXT ----------- ### Original README.TXT

GlueIT 1.04 by Yves Plouffe, July 2006

Version History

V 1.02 April 2006

Core re-write using .NET 2.0 Additional file format support, .PNG .JPG .BMP Streamlined interface as per user requests

V 1.04 July 4 2006

Added a Project system, user request Optimizations and minor bug fixes

V 1.06 July 5 2006

Further enhanced .PNGs support, now preserves all transparency information

Getting started,

Launch GlueIT,
  - Click on ADD and select a few images, make sure all images are the same size.
    GlueIT will take the dimentions of the first image and use that for the rest of the     sequence.

  - In the File list box, move your sequence around until you're happy with the sequence.
  - Enter the number of columns you want your final glued image to have.
  - Hit GlueIT.

You can change the number of columns again without reloading everything, just change and hit the glueIT button again

Once Glued, hit the preview anim buton.

To save to a new format, .PNG .BMP, .JPG, just make sure you use the pulldown filter selector in the save dialog box, GlueIT will do the appropriate conversion.

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