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SymmetricDS is a database and file synchronization solution that is platform-independent, web-enabled, and database agnostic. SymmetricDS was built to make data replication across two to tens of thousands of databases and file systems fast, easy and resilient. We specialize in near real time, bi-directional data replication across large node networks over the WAN or LAN.

SymmetricDS is sponsored by JumpMind also provides support and a professional version that features a web-based user interface that simplifies configuration and management.

You can find articles on SymmetricDS at and

Open source downloads here:

Download SymmetricDS

Documentation is available at

Professional downloads are available at Documentation is available at

We also have developed a native SymmetricDS client. Check out the code in the symmetric-client-clib and symmetric-client-native.

Core Product Development

We use Eclipse for development.

To setup a development environment run the following commands:

cd symmetric-assemble
./gradlew develop

This will generate Eclipse project artifacts. You can then import the projects into your Eclipse workspace.

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