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Chainlink4,6577721 hours ago37September 19, 2022157mitGo
node of the decentralized oracle network, bridging on and off-chain computation
Chainlink Ruby153
a year ago2mitRuby
Easily connect your applications to blockchains
Awesome Chainlink99
3 years ago3
Demo Cfx Chainlink15
5 months ago13mitJavaScript
Demonstration of connecting Conflux Network and a SMS Gateway using Chainlink's external initiators and external adapters
Hive Stream13
7 months ago29June 28, 20195mitTypeScript
A Node.js layer for Hive that allows you to watch for specific actions on the Hive blockchain. This package also supports transferring Hive tokens.
5 years ago10April 06, 20181mitPython
a framework for streaming blockchain transactions/operations into other mediums
2 years ago1JavaScript
Bring Chainlink Price Feeds to Polkadot Substrate Chain
4 years agogpl-3.0TypeScript
Hancock Dlt Adapter5
a year ago10apache-2.0TypeScript
5 years agoapache-2.0JavaScript
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Awesome ChainlinkAwesome

A curated list of awesome resources, tutorials, articles partners and many others to learn everything Chainlink

Chainlink is a decentralized network of oracles that allow smart contracts to securely interface with external data feeds, events and payment methods. Chainlinks provide the critical off chain information needed by complex smart contracts to become the dominant form of digital agreement.

Any contribution to this repo is more then welcome follow the section details

Items marked with Chainlink Core are officially distributed by the Chainlink team as part of the core set of resources

If you're a Chinese Developer, welcome to visit Awesome Chainlink CN repo.

Table of Contents

Official Material

Official Channels

Learn about Chainlink 📚

Primers on Chainlink


Videos 📺

Videos by others

Going Deeper

Vision 👀

Defense in Depth



Node Operators


Nodes verified and listed by Chainlink:

Nodes listed on Linkpool's Chainlink Market:






Mainnet User Integrations

Platform Integrations

Smart Contract Integrations

Developer Resources


Key Repos

Chainlinked Hackathon projects

  • B3PO: ETHSF project, the team created a system that handwrites blockchain-validated information on an absentee voting ballot to be sent through mail.
  • Blocksolid: Enabling Cryptocurrency donation for expansion of Internet service and monitoring the connectivity and performance of schools in developing countries.
  • French Toast Kitty: We have a new way to interact with your CryptoKitty in the real-world! This app allows you to render a CryptoKitty on a map as well as fetch the weather.
  • Link Set: A Rebalancing crypto index using Chainlink Oracle Price Feed data
  • Synful Futures: Invest in capital markets of any country. From anywhere in the world. Using ETH. Bye-bye capital controls.
  • Smart Bets: Smart Bets is a dApp that allows you to bet on the outcome of future events.
  • AirPrediction : An off-chain lightning fast prediction market
  • Canopy: Currency Agnostic Data Payment Protocol
  • Micro Subscription: Micro subscription solution for cloud service based on conditional micro payment and onchain oracle
  • Paperclip Lite: Trustless fiat bank account for dapps.
  • nanti: Corporate bonds that can be used as collateral for fast scalable payments
  • Cleanedapp: Proof-of-burn "twitter"
  • RobotRumble: Whether you're battling with other robots, watching a battle, or betting on your favorite robot driver. RoboRumble is the start of next generation of gaming on the blockchain.
  • weBet: A platform for simple 1 to 1 betting based on real world events
  • EthNYC-Unicef-Challenge: Reducing the digital divide with blockchain & crypto - Connect every kid in the world to the internet
  • SmartPiggies: EthNewYork: An open source standard for a free peer-to-peer global derivatives market


  • Truffle - Most popular smart contract development, testing, and deployment framework. The Truffle suite includes Truffle, and Drizzle and Ganache
  • Embark - Framework for DApp development
  • Dapp - Framework for DApp development, successor to DApple
  • Populus - The EVM development framework with the most cute animal pictures
  • Etherlime - ethers.js based framework for Dapp deployment
  • 0xcert - JavaScript framework for building decentralized applications
  • Specron - Lightweight, open-source and magic-free framework for testing Solidity smart contracts
  • Bridges - Chainlink adaptor framework that lowers the level of skill needed to create and run adaptors



Follow the development


Store your LINK


Smart contracts

-The Power of Smart Contracts: What They Are and How They Can Revolutionize the FutureChainlink Core

On the Importance of Oracles

Other Oracle Projects


The wiki is open source and anyone is free to contribute, if you spot any errors or want to add some content that hasn't been added yet please follow this guide :

  1. Click on Fork in the top right hand corner
  2. The awesome-chainlink will be cloned in your own repo, you will be redirected to your_handle/awesome-chainlink
  3. From here you can edit a page directly by clicking on a file and edit it (click on the pen on the top right-hand corner)
  4. Once you are done editing, describe with precision and commit your changes in your master branch
  5. You will now be able to submit a PR (Pull request) to awesome-chainlink
  6. Click on the Pull Requests and then on the New Pull Request button
  7. From here, you are able to select what branch of your repo should be merged to what branch on awesome-chainlink repo
  8. Select the default option to merge from your master branch to the awesome-chainlink master branch.
  9. Double check the modifications you made and click on Create a Pull Request when you are sure
  10. Describe your changes and submit it!
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