💥A powerful library powered by AOP to manage Fragments.(一个基于AOP设计的Fragment管理框架)
Alternatives To Fragmentrigger
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:boom:A powerful library powered by AOP to manage Fragments.(一个基于AOP设计的Fragment管理框架)
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Alternatives To Fragmentrigger
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💥A powerful library to manage Fragments. Fragment

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This might is the library that at the least cost of use to manage fragments.
No need to extend any class!!! No need to extend any class!!! No need to extend any class!!! the most important thing must be said for three times!!!
You can use this FragmentRigger with one line annotation.
Principle: define the pointcuts for Fragment/Activity lifecycle methods and bind to the proxy class to execute.


This library support usual fragment using scenes,if you found the scene that this library does not supported,you can post Issues or Email me

Stack manager Show Lazy loading Replace


  • Make Fragment use easier.
  • At the least cost of use to manage fragments.


Getting Started



  • [x] Powerful api
  • [x] Enough English notes
  • [x] Strictest exceptions
  • [x] Resolve usual exceptions and bugs in fragments
  • [x] Never lost any fragment transaction commit
  • [x] Extend the android native fragment methods,add some usual methods such as onBackPressed()
  • [x] Print tree for the fragment stack
  • [x] Fragment lazy load
  • [x] Fragment transition animations
  • [x] Option to configure fragment tag
  • [x] Add onBackPressed method support for the fragment that is not added into stack
  • [x] Swipe edge to exit Fragment/Activity
  • [ ] Option to configure fragment launch mode
  • [ ] Fragment shared elements transition animations
  • [ ] Support DialogFragment

Problem solved

  • Fragment view overlapping
  • Fragment Multi-level showing
  • Fragment stack manager
  • Fragment transaction commit failed
  • Commit the transaction when the host activity is not resumed
  • Multiple commits are interconnected but the fragment transaction commit does not happen immediately
  • A series of exceptions when memory restarting
  • Data saved and restored when the screen is flipped
  • Can not perform this action after onSaveInstanceState
  • Lazy loading in ViewPager and other scenarios
  • The animation does not perform in different scenarios

Usage example

This library provides powerful api.

1Add support for your classes

Add @Puppet annotation for your Activity/Fragment that need to use this library.

@Puppet(containerViewId = is the fragment to be placed in.
public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity
public class TestFragment extends Fragment

2Fragment usage

After add @Puppet annotation, use the proxy class Rigger to manage fragments.

@Puppet(containerViewId =
public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity{
  //add and show a fragment and add it to the stack,this fragment is placed in the container view.

3Activity/Fragment swipe back to exit

Add Swiper annotation for your Activity/Fragment.

public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity{
    // swiper can only used with puppet.
public class TestFragment extends Fragment{
    // swiper can only used with puppet.


This library is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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