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![Developed - by J2TeamNNL]

All the tool about Facebook (as for now):

  • Add Friend
  • Auto Reactions
  • Change Privacy
  • Count Reactions Post
  • Delete Friend (Member)
  • Delete Post (Person, Page, Group)
  • Delete Note (Photo)
  • Download Photo or Video (Person, Page, Group)
  • Export CSV Comments
  • Filter Age (Gender)
  • Get ID (describe below)
  • Invite Friend To Group
  • Leave Group (Unlike Page)
  • Unfollow Friend (Page)
  • Load Comment
  • Get Email From Comment
  • Spam Reactions
  • Tagging In Comment
  • Unlike Person
  • Get Token (cant do that anymore)

Something else

  • Download From Nyaa
  • Scroll To Bottom

How to use

With the HTML file, you can download and open it with any Browser right away. But with PHP file, you must watch this video to know how to run PHP file

Feel free asking if there any bug or something you want me to do

Follow me or this git to see more

Technology I use

  • HTML
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • PHP

Describe more

Detail all file

Feature Detail
Add Friend By JS Click accept friend button
Add Friend By Id Send friend request with list ID
Add Friend Of Friend Of Id Send friend request with friend of list ID
Auto Reactions Newfeed Auto reactions anything new on the newfeed
Change Privacy To Myself Change privacy of all post, photo or video (except profile picture, cover) to just you can see
Change Privacy Movie or TV Change privacy movie or tv to public
Count Reactions of Post Count reactions of post
Delete Comment Delete comment with Regex
Delete All Friend Delete all friend
Delete All Member Delete all member
Delete All Post Delete all the post on timeline (of person, page or group)
Delete Member By Id Delete member by list id
Delete Member Dont React Delete member don't react to a post
Delete Note Delete all note
Delete Post Delete all post (of person, page or group)
Download Photo From Group Download all photo (of group)
Download Photo From Page Or Profile Download all photo (of page or person)
Export CSV Comments Export csv all comments from a post, video or photo
Filer Age Filter age by list id
Filer Gender Filter gender by list id
Get Email From Comment Get all valid email from comment of post
Get Id Facebook Get ID (of person, page or group)
Get Id and Username Get ID and username by list ID (or username)
Get Id Dont React Get ID member dont react to a post
Get Id Fb By Link Get ID Facebook by link profile
Get Id Follower Get list id follower
Get Id Group Joined Get list id group joined
Get Id Member Get list id member group
Get Id Post From URL Get id post from url address
Get List Friend By Gender Get list id friend by gender
Get Member Block Get member block you
Get Name By Link Get name (of person, page or group) by link
Get Token Get token Page Manager of iOs (or HTC) - can't use anymore
Invite All Friend To Group Invite all friend to group
Leave All Group Leave all group
Load Comment Load all comment of post
Regex Email Get all email from comment
Regex Id Or Username By Link Regex Id or Username by link
Spam Female Wall Spam reactions wall of female (or male)
Spam Reactions Spam reactions someone
Tag On Facebook Tag on Facebook in comment
Tag By Id Tag someone in comment by Id
Unfollow Friend Unfollow all friend
Unfollow People Unfollow all strangers
Unlike All Page Unlike all page
Unlike People Unlike all post on wall of someone by Id

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