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A Bukkit server implementation utilizing Mixin.

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Minecraft Forge
MC 1.14.4 Forge 28.2.0
MC 1.15.2 Forge 31.2.30


  1. Download the jar from release page or build server.
  2. Launch with command java -jar arclight-forge-mcversion-xxx.jar nogui. The nogui argument will disable the server control panel.


Discord server

QQ Group chat 3556966


This project uses Gradle 4.9 as build tool with arclight-gradle-plugin.

To setup development workspace, clone this repository first, and type

./gradlew remapSpigotJar idea

This will generate proper spigot sources and srg mappings.

Finally, import the project. IntelliJ IDEA is the recommended IDE.

Due to a MixinGradle bug, you may build the project twice or the mixin shadows won't get reobfuscated.


This project in licensed under GPL v3.

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