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Blazor Table Component with Sorting, Paging and Filtering

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  • Add BlazorTable Nuget
    • dotnet add package BlazorTable
  • Add to the index.html or _Hosts.cshtml
    • <script src="_content/BlazorTable/BlazorTable.min.js"></script>
  • Add call to Program.cs or Startup.cs
    • Services.AddBlazorTable();


  • Column Reordering
  • Edit Mode (Template Switching)
  • Client Side
    • Paging
    • Sorting
    • Filtering
      • Strings
      • Numbers
      • Dates
      • Enums
      • Custom Component


  • Bootstrap 4 CSS


Example Page

<Table TableItem="PersonData" Items="data" PageSize="15">
    <Column TableItem="PersonData" Title="Id" Field="@(x =>" Sortable="true" Filterable="true" Width="10%" />
    <Column TableItem="PersonData" Title="First Name" Field="@(x => x.first_name)" Sortable="true" Filterable="true" Width="20%" />
    <Column TableItem="PersonData" Title="Last Name" Field="@(x => x.last_name)" Sortable="true" Filterable="true" Width="20%" />
    <Column TableItem="PersonData" Title="Email" Field="@(x =>" Sortable="true" Filterable="true" Width="20%">
            <a href=""></a>
    <Column TableItem="PersonData" Title="Confirmed" Field="@(x => x.confirmed)" Sortable="true" Filterable="true" Width="10%" />
    <Column TableItem="PersonData" Title="Price" Field="@(x => x.price)" Sortable="true" Filterable="true" Width="10%" Format="C" Align="Align.Right" />
    <Column TableItem="PersonData" Title="Created Date" Field="@(x => x.created_date)" Sortable="true" Width="10%">
    <Pager ShowPageNumber="true" ShowTotalCount="true" />

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