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This project is unofficial and not in any way affiliated with LMG
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Floatplane Downloader Automagically downloads the latest videos from Floatplane and optionally formats them to be viewed in Plex.

Both downloading videos as they release and archiving the entire backlog is supported!
This requires a Floatplane subscription.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the project, you can see these amazing people on the right >>
If you like the project, and want to support me can to throw some bits at my PayPal <3

If you encounter any issues please create a issue. Feel free to also ping me on our Discord

Install Guide

Looking for Docker?
Get the image on: and see instructions at the wiki!

  1. Download the latest stable binary for your OS from Releases

  2. Run the binary and follow the setup prompts.

  3. Profit?!:
    At this point you should be completely set-up and ready to go!
    To start the downloader in the future all you need to do is run the binary.

For more info on setting up plex & avalible settings check out the Wikis:


Note: This is licenced under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0. I am happy for you to use/modify/contribute to the source code as long as you provide a link back to here.


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