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Angular NestJS Universal ( Server Rendering )

  • src/client <-- Angular 5+
  • src/server <-- NestJS
  • src/shared <-- Shared between apps

Nest Logo

  • INNOVIC doo
  • Software consulting company for building full stack solutions.
  • Proficient in: NodeJS, TypeScript, Angular, MongoDB... <any>.js library :)
  • You have project for us? [email protected]


  • WebSockets


npm install


  • Development port is on: 4200 ( inherited from angular-cli )

in development, every controller ( route ) from NestJS must be mapped in proxy.conf.json

npm start

Don't forget to Lint and Prettify your code from time to time:

npm run client:lint
npm run server:lint

npm run prettify


  • Production port is specified in .env ( default to 5400 )
npm run build:universal

# test production

npm run serve:universal

Angular CLI generator

To generate component|service|pipe|module with Angular CLI use:

Add new component in Contact Module

ng generate component contact/InfoComponent --module=contact/contact.module.ts

Static asset directory

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