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Digital WRA Data Standards

This repository is for the work, carried out by IEA Wind Task 43, on standardizing digital tools in wind resource assessment (WRA). It currently consists of data models for wind resource measurements (WRA Data Model) and digital calibration certificates. Along with associated tools, these are intended as universal building blocks for wind energy yield assessment applications.


"Our mission is to make the energy yield assessment process more efficient, transparent and reproducible through digitizing and automation."

What is a "Data Model"?

A data model is an abstract model of real-world entities that organizes elements of data and standardizes how they relate to one another. In this instance, the WRA Data Model standardizes how properties of a wind resource measurement station (e.g. latitude, longitude, anemometer serial number, installation height, logger slope, logger offset, etc.) are recorded and how all the properties relate to each other. An implementation of the data model therefore describes how a specific met mast was installed, how the sensors were mounted on that met mast, how these sensors were programmed into the logger and how all these properties may have changed over time.

For more information on the definition of a Data Model and other terminology such as Schema, please see the Task 43 Glossary.

The WRA Data Model

The WRA Data Model provides the instructions for how to digitally represent the configuration of an installed met mast, lidar, sodar, floating lidar or solar measurement station. An implementation of the data model therefore can contain the latitude and longitude of where the met mast was installed. At what height is a wind speed measurement been made and by what sensor. How is this sensor mounted onto the mast. How the sensor is connected to the logger and how this logger channel is programmed (i.e. what slope and offset values are programmed into the logger). And how all these properties may have changed over time.

To learn more about the WRA Data Model, please read Amit Bohara's introduction in the Wiki section of this GitHub repository.

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is used to implement the WRA Data Model and JSON Schema is used to express the WRA Data Model. The JSON Schema file, located at ./schema/iea43_wra_data_model.schema.json, is the WRA Data Model. It can be thought of as a blueprint for how an implementation of the data model can be described with the JSON data-interchange format. See Figure 1 below for a snippet of an example implementation.

Figure 1: Example implementation of the WRA Data Model.

The following tools are part of this undertaking:

  • WRA Data Model: This JSON Schema file is the WRA Data Model. It describes how a JSON file that describes wind resource measurement data should be composed.

  • Documentation: Markdown documentation for the WRA Data Model created directly from the JSON Schema.

  • Form App: This app shows a form that is modeled after the JSON Schema and can create JSON data out of your inputs that is in accordance with the WRA Data Model.

  • Python Data Model Loading Example: This notebook shows how to read an example file that uses the WRA Data Model with Python. Binder


The Task 43 team is actively working to disseminate information and improve user experience. The Wiki tab in this GitHub repository is the starting point to learn more via tutorials, recorded presentations, videos and more.

The Digital Calibration Certificate Data Model

As a requirement resulting from the development of the WRA Data Model, a digital calibration certificate is introduced as a complementary standard. This standard currently supports anemometer calibration certificates according to IEC 61400-12-1:2017.

Contributing to the Standard

We welcome all contributions including issue reporting, new features and bug fixes. For full details see the contributing guidelines and other resources below:

Getting Help

Please file a new issue in this repository with questions or concerns you might have. If you would like to chat directly with the contributors, please join our Slack channel at

You can find out more about the IEA's Wind Task 43 working group at

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