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A light-weight tool to test performance of Hyperledger Fabric


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Why Tape

Sometimes we need to test performance of a deployed Fabric network with ease. There are many excellent projects out there, i.e. Hyperledger Caliper. However, we sometimes just need a tiny, handy tool, like tape.

What is it

This includes a very simple traffic generator:

  • it does not use any SDK
  • it does not attempt to deploy Fabric
  • it does not rely on connection profile
  • it does not discover nodes, chaincodes, or policies
  • it does not monitor resource utilization

It is used to perform super simple performance test:

  • it directly establishes number of gRPC connections
  • it sends signed proposals to peers via number of gRPC clients
  • it assembles endorsed responses into envelopes
  • it sends envelopes to orderer
  • it observes transaction commitment

Our main focus is to make sure that tape will not be the bottleneck of performance test



You could get tape in three ways:

  1. Download binary: get release tar from release page, and extract tape binary from it
  2. Build from source: clone this repo and run make tape at root dir. Go1.14 or higher is required. tape binary will be available at project root directory.
  3. Pull docker image: docker pull guoger/tape




Execute ./tape -c config.yaml -n 40000 to generate 40000 transactions to Fabric.


docker run -v $PWD:/tmp guoger/tape tape -c $CONFIG_FILE -n 40000

Set this to integer times of batchsize, so that last block is not cut due to timeout. For example, if you have batch size of 500, set this to 500, 1000, 40000, 100000, etc.


  • We use logrus for logging, which can be set with env var export TAPE_LOGLEVEL=debug. Here are possbile values (warn by default) "panic", "fatal", "error", "warn", "warning", "info", "debug", "trace"

  • Put this generator closer to Fabric, or even on the same machine. This is to prevent network bandwidth from being the bottleneck.

  • Increase number of messages per block in your channel configuration may help

  • Workflow

How to Contribute



Hyperledger Project source code files are made available under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (Apache-2.0), located in the LICENSE file.


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