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Hifone is a free, open-source, self-hosted forum software based on the Laravel PHP Framework.


This package is currently in (very-)alpha stage, so all of the following features may or may not work yet. However, feel free to post issues and features requests here . We will try to fix and improve the package as fast as we can based on your help!

  • Fast and simple
  • Beautiful and responsive
  • Register & Login via OAuth
  • Image upload
  • Avatars
  • Credits
  • Roles & Permissions
  • Notifications
  • Markdown & Emoj
  • Tags
  • Advertisements
  • RSS Feeds
  • Localization: language files, time zone and UTF-8 support
  • Pjax support


There are a few things that you will need to have set up in order to run Gitamin:

  • A web server: Nginx, Apache (with mod_rewrite), or Lighttpd
  • PHP 5.6.4+ with the following extensions: mbstring, pdo_mysql
  • MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • Composer


By default Hifone comes with a .env.example file. You'll need to rename this file to just .env regardless of what environment you're working on.

If you're using SQLite then your .env file should not contain a DB_HOST key. You'll also need to touch ./database/hifone.sqlite and give it the required permissions.

Directories within the storage and the bootstrap/cache directories should be writable by your web server or Hifone will not run.

Step 1: Shell

git clone
cd Hifone

cp .env.example .env
vi .env  # write database settings

composer install --no-dev -o

php artisan hifone:install

chmod -R 777 storage
chmod -R 777 bootstrap/cache
chmod -R 777 public/uploads

If you have problems to open the Page, enter the Following:

php artisan vendor:publish

Step 2: Browser

Now go to http://your_site_domain/ and have fun!

Installing Hifone with Docker

$ git clone hifone-docker
$ cd hifone-docker
$ docker build -t hifone --rm .
$ docker run -it --rm -p hifone
$ /

Now go to (linux) or (mac) and have fun!

You can find more information at Install Hifone

Additional Settings

On the Admin Panel you can add some additional Settings

meta_author - Set Metadata for Authors
meta_keywords - Set Metadata for Keywords
footer_html - Write some HTML stuff for Footer
new_thread_dropdowns - With this, you can add some DropDown Items for the "New Thread" Button
site_about - This is for Adding a Subtitle for the Website


php artisan hifone:update


These extra dependencies are required to develop Hifone:

  • Node.js
  • Bower
  • Gulp
npm install
bower install

If you're making a lot of changes, you'll find that running gulp watch will really help you out!


Hifone website.


Hifone is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license

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