Born2beroot 42 script, walk through installation and setting up, evaluation Q&A
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Born2beroot 4290
4 months agoShell script, walk through installation and setting up, evaluation Q&A
8 months ago1gpl-2.0C
A (self-hosted) trainer (software / program) to memorize flashcards (question-answer cards) in a webbrowser.
6 years agoPython
odax - Odoo Dictionary Attack XMLRPC tool
4 years ago1gpl-3.0Python
Distributable Operating System based on Debian
Small Linux Bootloader1
5 years ago6Assembly
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Born2BeRoot 42/21

GRADE: 110/100

If you make only partition from bonus part.

Developed for Debian so i'm not sure that it will run properly on CentOS distributive. Anyway, PM me on Discord if its working on CentOS or you have a suggestion/issues: MMBHWR#0793 script

Known issues:

  1. Cron may refuse to running script on boot due to bug in Debian ( How to fix? [;bug=635473;msg=70]. Good luck :) Theres also another way to fix it in my rebootfix.txt file, but it may not work anyway... Try to explain this to your evaluator if he ask you. Because i haven't seen " script on boot" in evaluation checklist and almost nobody asked me about this.

Please, DO NOT copie + paste this thing with emptiness in your eyes and blank in your head!

It's highly recommended to know what u use and how&why it works even if i leaved an explanation in commentary. At least, it will be usefull for YOURS and ONLY YOURS defense. Google&man all the commands listed here and read about it's options/parameters/etc. Be intellegent, be adaptive, be SMART. Know the tool you use.

To make this works u need to [$ chmod +x] (ofc lol). 
Please note that you should run script as root because journalctl won't
work from user without sudo.

How to use

First off [$ sudo crontab -e] (yep, you need sudo to make cron runnig script as root.[$ crontab-e] will open another file that will run your script as user). Set nano/vi as your text editor for cron and add next lines in your crontab file:

@reboot /path/to/file/
*/10 * * * * /path/to/file/

Dont forget that you should write FULL PATH TO FILE (no ~/*/etc.) due to cron's pecularity.


Guide how to correctly setup and configure both Debian and software. Including bonus-part partition set up.


Little Q&A from Subject and whattocheck as evaluator.

I think it's done for now. I won't make "full guide with bonus part" just because you can easly find it in another B2BR repo. I highly recommend repeating the installation process several times, if possible, in order to remember and understand everything well. Especially if this is your first time working both Linux and a virtual machine.

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