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Graviton is cross-platform Code Editor.

NOTE: Graviton is being rewritten, if you are searching for the old version (v2.3.0) go to this other branch. Learn more about here.

See this to run / compile it, by yourself. (There aren't any releases of the new version)

Current state of the rewrite:

Screenshot of Graviton Rewrite

Rewrite Changes

  • Ditch ElectronJS (NodeJS) in favor of Tauri (Rust)
  • Use Deno as a runtime for third-party extensions
  • Use to React for the Web frontend
  • Core is declouped from the frontend itself, third-party editors can be built upon it
Package Description Version
gveditor-core Graviton core engine
gveditor-core-api Shared API for core and extensions
gveditor-core-deno Deno runtime for Graviton extensions WIP
extensions/git Built-in Git Extension WIP
extensions/native-shell Built-in native shells Extension WIP
extensions/typescript-lsp Built-in TypeScript/JavaScript extension WIP
desktop Desktop web-based app WIP
server Self-hosted browser version WIP
@gveditor/web Web frontend
@gveditor/languages Language translations


  • No freezes or lags
  • Fast startup time
  • Low memory usage
  • Scalable through a consistent and dev-friendly plugins API
  • Flexible workspace configurations
  • Respect privacy
  • Easy to use and pleasant UI
  • Stable Intellisense (LSP)



Feel free to donate in any way you want, if you want to support this project :)

  • Github Sponsors
  • Paypal
  • BTC address: 1HCBeYD564Y3AjQ3Ci6Fp2zosfZvevJuu6
  • Solana address: 5GzDDXyzhB9zA8vSHuEow5mQJ6Tk3kC4Bn2T9dp6nX3U


MIT License

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