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Source for Google Click to Deploy solutions listed on Google Cloud Marketplace.
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Minio40,9642012614 hours ago376March 27, 202345agpl-3.0Go
High Performance Object Storage for AI
Cockroach27,856502412 hours ago249August 06, 20215,835otherGo
CockroachDB - the open source, cloud-native distributed SQL database.
Webiny Js6,83213514 hours ago437July 25, 2023286otherTypeScript
Open-source serverless enterprise CMS. Includes a headless CMS, page builder, form builder, and file manager. Easy to customize and expand. Deploys to AWS.
13 hours ago388apache-2.0Scala
Apache OpenWhisk is an open source serverless cloud platform
Waypoint4,776619 days ago93August 09, 2023362otherGo
A tool to build, deploy, and release any application on any platform.
4 months ago19December 13, 2022125apache-2.0TypeScript
Build data pipelines, the easy way 🛠️
3 days ago21April 12, 202131mitGo
A lightweight & portable faas engine
18 hours ago7gpl-3.0Rust
The Orchestration Engine To Deliver Self-Service Infrastructure ⚡️
Cloud Run Faq1,989
2 years ago11cc-by-4.0Shell
Unofficial FAQ and everything you've been wondering about Google Cloud Run.
a month ago329lgpl-3.0Python
NixOps is a tool for deploying to NixOS machines in a network or cloud.
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Source for Google Click to Deploy solutions listed on Google Cloud Marketplace.


This is not an officially supported Google product.

⚠️ About log4j Vulnerabilities

We are constantly working on updating the scripts used in this repository to use non-impacted versions of the OSS that are used here. So updates are constanly being made in this repository.

Below is the list of solutions, in this repo, currently affected by the log4j CVEs, or using a log4j version < 2.16

Virtual Machines

Solution Notes
elasticsearch Vulnerable
logstash Vulnerable
magento Vulnerable (uses elasticsearch)
sonarqube Vulnerable (uses elasticsearch)
liferay Vulnerable

Kubernetes Applications

Solution Notes
activemq Uses log4j 1.x
elastic-gke-logging Vulnerable
elasticsearch Vulnerable
kafka Uses log4j 1.x
magento Vulnerable (uses elasticsearch)
sonarqube Vulnerable (uses elasticsearch)
zookeeper Vulnerable (uses elasticsearch)

Cloud Build CI

This repository uses Cloud Build for continuous integration. Each type of application has its own configuration file.

For detailed information on each configuration, see the following documentations:

GCB custom worker pools

The Cloud Build configurations use Google Cloud Build (GCB) custom worker pools.

If you want to create a new worker pool, run the following command:

gcloud beta builds worker-pools create gcb-workers-pool-e2 \
  --project=[PROJECT_ID] \
  --peered-network=projects/[NETWORK_PROJECT_NUMBER]/global/networks/default \
  --region=us-central1 \


  • [PROJECT_ID] is the GCP project ID where you want to create your custom worker pool.
  • [NETWORK_PROJECT_NUMBER] is the project number of the Cloud project that holds your VPC network.

For more information, see the gcloud beta builds worker-pools commands.

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