Airflow Operator

Kubernetes custom controller and CRDs to managing Airflow
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Argo Workflows13,46824456 hours ago439July 20, 2023897apache-2.0Go
Workflow Engine for Kubernetes
a year ago85July 18, 20171apache-2.0Jsonnet
PipelineAI Kubeflow Distribution
4 months ago19December 13, 2022125apache-2.0TypeScript
Build data pipelines, the easy way 🛠️
Ploomber3,1646a month ago113August 03, 202397apache-2.0Python
The fastest ⚡️ way to build data pipelines. Develop iteratively, deploy anywhere. ☁️
Awesome Apache Airflow3,060
a year ago2Shell
Curated list of resources about Apache Airflow
2 months ago33apache-2.0Python
Unified Interface for Constructing and Managing Workflows on different workflow engines, such as Argo Workflows, Tekton Pipelines, and Apache Airflow.
8 days ago75apache-2.0Shell
The User-Community Airflow Helm Chart is the standard way to deploy Apache Airflow on Kubernetes with Helm. Originally created in 2017, it has since helped thousands of companies create production-ready deployments of Airflow on Kubernetes.
Kube Airflow556
4 years ago30apache-2.0Python
A docker image and kubernetes config files to run Airflow on Kubernetes
6 days ago21otherPython
Helm Charts for the Astronomer Platform, Apache Airflow as a Service on Kubernetes
Astro Cli277
a day ago279December 22, 2022103otherGo
CLI that makes it easy to create, test and deploy Airflow DAGs to Astronomer
Alternatives To Airflow Operator
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Project Status


The Airflow Operator is still under active development and has not been extensively tested in production environment. Backward compatibility of the APIs is not guaranteed for alpha releases.


  • Version >= 1.9 of Kubernetes.
  • Uses 1.9 of Airflow (1.10.1+ for k8s executor)
  • Uses 4.0.x of Redis (for celery operator)
  • Uses 5.7 of MySQL

Get Started

One Click Deployment from Google Cloud Marketplace to your GKE cluster

Get started quickly with the Airflow Operator using the Quick Start Guide

For more information check the Design and detailed User Guide

Airflow Operator Overview

Airflow Operator is a custom Kubernetes operator that makes it easy to deploy and manage Apache Airflow on Kubernetes. Apache Airflow is a platform to programmatically author, schedule and monitor workflows. Using the Airflow Operator, an Airflow cluster is split into 2 parts represented by the AirflowBase and AirflowCluster custom resources. The Airflow Operator performs these jobs:

  • Creates and manages the necessary Kubernetes resources for an Airflow deployment.
  • Updates the corresponding Kubernetes resources when the AirflowBase or AirflowCluster specification changes.
  • Restores managed Kubernetes resources that are deleted.
  • Supports creation of Airflow schedulers with different Executors
  • Supports sharing of the AirflowBase across mulitple AirflowClusters

Checkout out the Design

Airflow Cluster


Refer to the Design and Development Guide.

Managed Airflow solution

Google Cloud Composer is a fully managed workflow orchestration service targeting customers that need a workflow manager in the cloud.

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