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Google Performance Tools Runner

Web frontend which allows users to simultaneously run several of Google's performance tools (Lighthouse, PageSpeed Insights, Webpage Test) against a URL, all at once. Puppeteer is used to take screenshots of the results from each tool and create an aggregated PDF of all results.

screen shot 2018-05-01 at 7 15 10 pm


Start the server with npm start.

The frontend (http://localhost:8080) UI displays a list of tools for the user to select.

When "Enter" is hit, this fires off a request o the /run handler. That handler takes a url and tools param. The latter is a "," separated list of tools to run. One of LH, PSI, WPT.

The response is a JSON array of the tools that were run (e.g. ["LH", "PSI"]).

Note: every run of the tool logs the URL that was audited and tools to that were run to runs.txt.


Run Lighthouse and PSI against


Run Lighthouse against using full chrome:


Installation & Setup

Check the repo and run npm i. You'll need Node 8+ support for ES modules to work.


Start the server in the project root:

npm start


npm run lint

For development, both serviceAccount.json and bitlyAccount.json are required.

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