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Transfer Learning Suite in Keras



This repository serves as a Transfer Learning Suite. The goal is to easily be able to perform transfer learning using any built-in Keras image classification model! Any suggestions to improve this repository or any new features you would like to see are welcome!

You can also check out my Semantic Segmentation Suite.


All of the Keras built in models are made available:

Model Size Top-1 Accuracy Top-5 Accuracy Parameters Depth
VGG16 528 MB 0.715 0.901 138,357,544 23
VGG19 549 MB 0.727 0.910 143,667,240 26
ResNet50 99 MB 0.759 0.929 25,636,712 168
Xception 88 MB 0.790 0.945 22,910,480 126
InceptionV3 92 MB 0.788 0.944 23,851,784 159
InceptionResNetV2 215 MB 0.804 0.953 55,873,736 572
MobileNet 17 MB 0.665 0.871 4,253,864 88
DenseNet121 33 MB 0.745 0.918 8,062,504 121
DenseNet169 57 MB 0.759 0.928 14,307,880 169
DenseNet201 80 MB 0.770 0.933 20,242,984 201
NASNetMobile 21 MB NA NA 5,326,716 NA
NASNetLarge 342 MB NA NA 88,949,818 NA

Files and Directories

  • Training and Prediction mode

  • Helper utility functions

  • checkpoints: Checkpoint files for each epoch during training

  • Predictions: Prediction results


This project has the following dependencies:

  • Numpy sudo pip install numpy

  • OpenCV Python sudo apt-get install python-opencv

  • TensorFlow sudo pip install --upgrade tensorflow-gpu

  • Keras sudo pip install keras


The only thing you have to do to get started is set up the folders in the following structure:

|    train
|   |    class_1_images
|   |    class_2_images
|   |    class_X_images
|   |    .....
|    val
|   |    class_1_images
|   |    class_2_images
|   |    class_X_images
|   |    .....
|    test
|   |    class_1_images
|   |    class_2_images
|   |    class_X_images
|   |    .....

Then you can simply run! Check out the optional command line arguments:

usage: [-h] [--num_epochs NUM_EPOCHS] [--mode MODE] [--image IMAGE]
               [--continue_training CONTINUE_TRAINING] [--dataset DATASET]
               [--resize_height RESIZE_HEIGHT] [--resize_width RESIZE_WIDTH]
               [--batch_size BATCH_SIZE] [--dropout DROPOUT] [--h_flip H_FLIP]
               [--v_flip V_FLIP] [--rotation ROTATION] [--zoom ZOOM]
               [--shear SHEAR] [--model MODEL]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --num_epochs NUM_EPOCHS
                        Number of epochs to train for
  --mode MODE           Select "train", or "predict" mode. Note that for
                        prediction mode you have to specify an image to run
                        the model on.
  --image IMAGE         The image you want to predict on. Only valid in
                        "predict" mode.
  --continue_training CONTINUE_TRAINING
                        Whether to continue training from a checkpoint
  --dataset DATASET     Dataset you are using.
  --resize_height RESIZE_HEIGHT
                        Height of cropped input image to network
  --resize_width RESIZE_WIDTH
                        Width of cropped input image to network
  --batch_size BATCH_SIZE
                        Number of images in each batch
  --dropout DROPOUT     Dropout ratio
  --h_flip H_FLIP       Whether to randomly flip the image horizontally for
                        data augmentation
  --v_flip V_FLIP       Whether to randomly flip the image vertically for data
  --rotation ROTATION   Whether to randomly rotate the image for data
  --zoom ZOOM           Whether to randomly zoom in for data augmentation
  --shear SHEAR         Whether to randomly shear in for data augmentation
  --model MODEL         Your pre-trained classification model of choice

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