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Cartopy1,3221732574 months ago29August 05, 2023312lgpl-3.0Python
Cartopy - a cartographic python library with matplotlib support
4 months ago13July 14, 202318apache-2.0Go
A very thin PostGIS-only tile server in Go. Takes in HTTP tile requests, executes SQL, returns MVT tiles.
Laravel Mysql Spatial71321162 years ago26October 17, 202078otherPHP
MySQL Spatial Data Extension integration with Laravel.
Geometry Api Java679148429 months ago12September 21, 202042apache-2.0Java
The Esri Geometry API for Java enables developers to write custom applications for analysis of spatial data. This API is used in the Esri GIS Tools for Hadoop and other 3rd-party data processing solutions.
4 months ago133bsl-1.0C++
Boost.Geometry - Generic Geometry Library | Requires C++14 since Boost 1.75
Mathnet Spatial354
5 months ago38mitC#
Math.NET Spatial
Spatial Framework For Hadoop343
3a year ago3September 16, 201422apache-2.0Java
The Spatial Framework for Hadoop allows developers and data scientists to use the Hadoop data processing system for spatial data analysis.
Rstar32116424 months ago22May 31, 202328apache-2.0Rust
R*-tree spatial index for the Rust ecosystem
2 years ago20February 09, 20205epl-1.0Clojure
Clojure library for working with geohashes, polygons, and other world geometry
4 months ago3July 13, 20209bsd-2-clauseC++
Fast database file format for OpenStreetMap
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