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Terrarium adds a new customizable world type that generates a replica of the Earth within Minecraft.

Himalayas Himalayas, as generated by Terrarium (rendered by Chunky)


Terrarium implements a new world type for this generation. The generation can be customized through a GUI, to adjust settings such as scale or what should generate.

Customization GUI

GIS data is downloaded as you explore the world, so, depending on internet speed, you may experience lag while this data downloads. The mod does its best to counteract this lag, however. Once a part of the dataset is downloaded, it is cached locally so that it can be loaded again quickly in the future.

To navigate to any real-world location, you can make use of the geotp command:

It can be used with latitude & longitude coordinates:

  • /geotp 27.987746 86.924812

Or it can be used with a place name:

  • /geotp Mount Everest

Additionally, you can make use of the geotool command, which provides various utilities for navigating the world. It provides a UI to display where you currently are, and a UI to teleport to a new location with a map.

Data Attribution

Terrarium makes use of a large range of data sources which have been reprocessed for the purpose of this mod:

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