Generation and Classification of Drug Like molecule usings Neural Networks
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Dgl Lifesci5451a month ago15January 17, 202225apache-2.0Python
Python package for graph neural networks in chemistry and biology
25 days agoapache-2.0Python
An implementation of the Fermionic Neural Network for ab-initio electronic structure calculations
21 days ago10mitPython
Graph neural networks for molecular design.
5 years ago1November 08, 201716gpl-3.0Python
Tensorflow + Molecules = TensorMol
2 years ago5apache-2.0Python
The code of a graph neural network (GNN) for molecules, which is based on learning representations of r-radius subgraphs (i.e., fingerprints) in molecules.
Deep Drug Coder75
2 years ago1mitPython
A tensorflow.keras generative neural network for de novo drug design, published in Nature Machine Intelligence while working at AstraZeneca.
21 days ago2February 23, 2022mitJava
Deep relational learning through differentiable logic programming.
4 years agoPython
Generation and Classification of Drug Like molecule usings Neural Networks
Sars Cov Inhibitors Chemai36
3 years agomit
Large-scale ligand-based virtual screening for potential SARS-Cov-2 inhibitors using a deep neural network
3 years ago3mitPython
Atoms In Molecules Neural Network Potential
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Classification of Drug Like molecule using Neural Networks.

more about DrugAI.. http://gananath.github.io/drugai.html


  • Python 2.7

  • Keras(Theano/Tensorflow)

  • Pandas

  • Scikit-Learn

DrugAI-Gen.py (LSTM model)

Generator script for creating drug like molecule using LSTM model. Read more from here http://gananath.github.io/drugai-gen.html

DrugAI-GAN.py (GAN model)

This is my own experiments with Generative Adverserial Network (GAN) for drug like molecule generation. Teaching GAN in discrete dataset is hard and also I learned to code GAN from internet so would not gurantee any acurracy of the results or the code. Read more from here http://gananath.github.io/drugai-gan.html

DrugAI-WGAN.py (WassersteinGAN model)

A Wasserstein GAN model with CNN; this model currently trains the fastest and probably gives the best result.

# Samples Generated 
['CC1=C(C(C(=O)O)(=CC=N2[S]CCCCCC(C(Cl)C1C4)[+])C2=C4=O|||||||||||||||||||||||||||' 'CC1=C(C(C(=O)OO(=CC=N2[N]CCCCCC(C(Cl)C1C3)[+])C2=CC=O)||||||||||||||||||||||||||' 'CC1=C(C(C(=O)O)(=CC=N2[N]CCC=CC(C(CO)C1C3)[+])C2=CC=O)||||||||||||||||||||||||||']

alt drug

  • Recently I came across GAN's which uses condition like cGAN,acGAN etc. which uses a noise+class as input whereas I am using only class.

Another Dataset for Generation

Because I seen a increase in interest for DrugAI-Gen.py; for programmers I have added another dataset sms.tsv. It contains SMS spams. Try to use it for generating Spam's and Ham's.


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