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openrouteservice R client

openrouteservice R package provides easy access to the openrouteservice (ORS) API from R. It allows you to painlessly consume the following services:


By using this package, you agree to the ORS terms and conditions.


The package is not yet available from CRAN, but you can install the development version directly from GitHub.

# install.packages("remotes")

Get started

See the package vignette for an overview of the offered functionality.

Local ORS instance

The default is to fire any requests against the free public services at <>. In order to query a different openrouteservice instance, say a local one, set

options(openrouteservice.url = "http://localhost:8080/ors")

If necessary, endpoint configuration can be further customized through openrouteservice.paths which specifies a named list of paths. The defaults are equivalent of having

options(openrouteservice.paths = list(directions = "v2/directions",
                                      isochrones = "v2/isochrones",
                                      matrix = "v2/matrix",
                                      geocode = "geocode",
                                      pois = "pois",
                                      elevation = "elevation",
                                      optimization = "optimization"))

Package News

version 0.4.0


  • Enable optimization endpoint.

version 0.3.3


  • Fixed resolving of URL paths to endpoints.

version 0.3.2


  • More descriptive messages for API response errors.

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