Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source


Simple PoC that shows you how to use IPFS and Ethereum blockchain to store files and their information.


This sample project was prepared as a response to the need of durable medium required by some Polish acts. It helps in persistent storage of files in distributed file system with information saved in immutable and distributed ledger. For more info please refer to the article provided in intructions section.


  • IPFS v1.4.0
  • Truffle v.5.0.0-beta.1
  • Ganache v1.2.1
  • Solidity v.0.4.24
  • Web3.js v1.0.0
  • NodeJs v.8.12.0


This PoC was fully described in the following article:


This Proof of Concept is licensed under MIT License, we will be more than happy if you consider it as valuable. Feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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