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Godot all in one ads module for Android. (Customizable)

Platform GodotEngine LICENCE PATREON


If you are using goodt 2.X copy build.gradle.template and AndroidManifest.xml.template from godot 3.1 (master branch) into $(GODOT_2_ROOT)/platform/android/,


cd ${GODOT_ROOT}/modules/
git clone GodotAds
git clone GodotSql

and you must configure your module by editing ${GODOT_ROOT}/modules/GodotAds/

build = {
"admob"         : True, # add org/godotengine/godot/AdMob to the engine.cfg
"adcolony"      : True, # add org/godotengine/godot/GDAdColony to the engine.cfg
"chartboost"    : True, # add org/godotengine/godot/GDChartboost to the engine.cfg
"vungle"        : True, # add org/godotengine/godot/GDVungle to the engine.cfg
"mopub"         : True, # add org/godotengine/godot/GDMopub to the engine.cfg
"unity_ads"     : True, # add org/godotengine/godot/GDUnityAds to the engine.cfg

Setting up

sdk and dependency for (Chartboost and Vungle) Download the sdk to ${GODOT_ROOT}/modules/GodotAds/libs/

Chartboost: Chartboost SDk Vungle: Vungle SDK UnityAds: Unity-ads SDK

Edit engine.cfg and add


On (on 2.X)

var gdads = Globals.get_singleton("GodotAds")
gdads.set_debug(boolean) # set true for logs

On 3.X (latest from git)

var gdads = Engine.get_singleton("GodotAds")

calling init() on GodotAds is optional.

Initialize AdMob

var AdMob = Globals.get_singleton("AdMob")

var _dict = Dictionary()
_dict["BannerAd"] = false
_dict["InterstitialAd"] = false
_dict["RewardedVideoAd"] = false
_dict["BannerGravity"] = "BOTTOM" # or TOP
_dict["BannerAdId"] = "your banner ad id"
_dict["InterstitialAdId"] = "your interstitial ad id"
_dict["RewardedVideoAdId"] = "rewarded video ad id"

AdMob.init(_dict, get_instance_ID())

Initialize AdColony

var AdColony = Globals.get_singleton("GDAdColony")

var _dict = Dictionary()
_dict["app_id"] = "adcolotn app id"
_dict["zone_ids"] = "adcolony interstitial zone ids" # (e.g) "jkedbciujdcoidcj,iyhfecujncuofevef,ikyvejcnilnuvel"
_dict["reward_ids"] = "adcolony rewarded zone id" # (e.g) "jkedbciujdcoidcj,iyhfecujncuofevef,ikyvejcnilnuvel"
_dict["dialog"] = true # or false

AdColony.init(_dict, get_instance_ID())

Initialize Chartboost

var Chartboost = Globals.get_singleton("GDChartboost")

var _dict = Dictionary()
_dict["app_id"] = "Your chartboost app id" 
_dict["app_signature"] = "your chartboost signature"

Chartboost.init(_dict, get_instance_ID())

Initialize Vungle

var Vungle = Globals.get_singleton("GDVungle")

var _dict = Dictionary()
_dict["app_id"] = "your vungle app"

Vungle.init(_dict, get_instance_ID())

Initialize MoPub

var Mopub = Globals.get_singleton("GDMopub")

var _dict = Dictionary()
_dict["BannerAd"] = true
_dict["InterstitialAd"] = true
_dict["BannerGravity"] = "BOTTOM" # or TOP
_dict["BannerAdId"] = "your banner unit id"
_dict["InterstitialAdId"] = "your interstitial unit id"

Mopub.init(_dict, get_instance_ID())

Initialize UnityAds

var Unityads = Globals.get_singleton("GDUnityAds")

var _dict = Dictionary()
_dict["GameId"] = "Your game ID"

Unityads.init(_dict, get_instance_ID())


adding the callback funtion so we can recive event log/states from the module

func _receive_message (tag, from, key, value):
	if tag == "GodotAds" and from == "AdMob":
        if key == "AdMob_Banner" and value == "loaded":
            # Show banner here.



AdMob.show_banner_ad(true) # show banner ad
AdMob.show_banner_ad(false) # hide banner ad

AdMob.show_interstitial_ad() # Show Interstitial Ad

AdMob.show_rewarded_video() # Show Rewarded Ad

AdColony zone_id) # Show AdColony for the zone id





AdMob.show_banner_ad(true) # show banner ad
AdMob.show_banner_ad(false) # hide banner ad

AdMob.show_interstitial_ad() # Show Interstitial Ad

Unity Ads"Location id")

Log adb

adb -d logcat godot:V GoogleService:V FrogSquare:V DEBUG:V AndroidRuntime:V ValidateServiceOp:V *:S

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