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Quarkus11,50988a day ago173September 14, 20222,113apache-2.0Java
Quarkus: Supersonic Subatomic Java.
Smallrye Reactive Messaging1827144 days ago88February 07, 202381apache-2.0Java
SmallRye Reactive Messaging
Vertx In Action130
2 years ago3mitJava
Examples for the Manning "Vert.x in Action" book
Assembler10562 days ago24June 07, 20224apache-2.0Java
Functional, type-safe, stateless reactive Java API for efficient implementation of the API Composition Pattern for querying/merging data from multiple datasources/services, with a specific focus on solving the N + 1 query problem
Redpipe671114 years ago4October 03, 201827apache-2.0Java
Redpipe Web Framework
Introduction To Eclipse Vertx58
a year ago2apache-2.0Java
An introduction to Eclipse Vert.x - a toolkit to build reactive and distributed systems
Vertx Mongo Client54
4 days ago33apache-2.0Java
Mongo Client for Eclipse Vert.x
Microprofile Reactive Messaging4847 months ago11August 01, 202218apache-2.0Java
Elasticsearch Client3812 years ago12December 15, 20203apache-2.0Java
This client exposes the Elasticsearch Java High Level REST Client for Eclipse Vert.x applications.
Hands On Enterprise Java Microservices With Eclipse Microprofile35
2 months ago2mitJava
Hands-On Enterprise Java Microservices with Eclipse MicroProfile, published by Packt
Alternatives To Redpipe
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Redpipe is a Web Framework that unites the power and versatility of Eclipse Vert.x, the conciseness of JAX-RS (with Resteasy), and the non-blocking reactive composition of RxJava.

The main idea is that with Redpipe you write your endpoints in JAX-RS, using RxJava composition if you want, and underneath it all, Vert.x is running the show and you can always access it if you need it.

Redpipe is opinionated, favors convention over configuration, and lets you combine the following technologies easily to write reactive web applications:

  • Eclipse Vert.x and Netty, for all the low-level plumbing,
  • JAX-RS (Resteasy), for all your web endpoints,
  • RxJava for your reactive code,
  • Vert.x Web for all existing filters, templating support,
  • Swagger to describe your web endpoints,
  • CDI (Weld) for JAX-RS discovery and injection (optional),
  • Bean Validation (Hibernate Validator) to validate your web endpoints’ input (optional),
  • Coroutines (Quasar) to write synchronous-looking reactive code (optional).

More info at

Serving docs locally

$ cd docs
$ bundle exec jekyll serve


$ mvn -Prelease release:clean release:prepare release:perform
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