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Project Golden Gate

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⚠️ Work In Progress

This documentation is not yet complete. As we migrate the project from an internal project to one that can be shared with others, we are busy migrating some of the documentation from internal Wiki pages, Google docs and slide decks.

Golden Gate is a portable cross-platform framework that offers reliable and secure network communication between different combinations of embedded devices, mobile applications and desktop applications over Bluetooth Low Energy.

The framework provides developers with a familiar model, allowing them to implement their functionality the same way they would in other networked environments, leveraging familiar standards like CoAP, WebSockets, HTTP, MQTT, TLS, and TCP/UDP/IP, even when the underlying operating system or transport doesn't natively support those. It can run in many environments, from embedded systems with very limited resources like wearables and IoT devices, to mobile and desktop. The initial focus is on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connections, but the framework is general in nature, it is designed to work with any type of transport. BLE APIs on mobile operating systems like iOS and Android, as well as most embedded APIs, only offer the limited functionality of BLE GATT; so the Golden Gate framework's networking stack extends that low-level access, allowing a complete IP-based stack to be layered on top of it.

The project consists of:

  • A core library written in C
  • Language bindings for higher level languages, including Kotlin and Swift
  • A modular build system based on CMake
  • Code examples
  • Tools and applications
  • Support for test automation
  • Documentation

By building the core libraries and sample applications included in the project, you'll be able to start experimenting right away with different combinations of devices connecting and communicating with each other with CoAP clients and servers, over a Bluetooth or WiFi connection, including:

  • iPhones and iPads
  • Android phones and tablets
  • Desktops and laptops (macOS, Linux, Windows)
  • Embedded development boards (Nordic nRF52840-DK, Espressif ESP32, ...)

By integrating the library in your own app or IoT device, leveraging some of the examples included in the project, you will be able to start building your own communicating applications and services.

Where To Start

Visit the online documentation (or build the doc from within the project).

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