Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

Welcome to Pillar Valley 👋

Twitter: baconbrix Github: evanbacon Medium: baconbrix License: MIT

Immerse yourself in a suave world of zen

Play in the Browser

You can play in any browser here 👉 Pillar Web

Download on iOS

The lovely iOS version can be found here 👉 App Store

Download on Android

The beautiful Android version can be found here 👉 Play Store.

Stack 🥞

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Typescript (263,369
Reactjs (75,582
Android (41,654
Ios (19,587
Game (19,294
Redux (13,313
React Native (11,815
Website (9,838
Firebase (9,679
Tutorial (7,245
App (4,446
Cross Platform (3,356
Threejs (2,124
Expo (1,740
Social Network (1,584
React Navigation (641
Gsap (211
React Native Web (211
Tween (123
Rematch (36
Firestore React (10
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