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This repository holds links to articles, tutorials, and code that I have found helpful while working on the Unity engine or that I have found while doing research. I will try to keep this repository updated as often as I can. I hope you find something here helpful for whatever you are working on. If you have any suggestions, please post them as an Issue and I will look into them. You can also submit suggestions as Pull Requests. Because of the amount of items, I am breaking the lists into multiple pages.

Thank you for all the stars! I am happy that people were able to find this repository helpful.

Table of Contents

  • Tutorial Sites - Various tutorial sites. Including Video, Text, and Project formats.
  • Scripts - Scripts from various sources that have been useful.
  • Games - A list of games, both original or ports, that people have made or are making in Unity.
  • Tools - Various tools to help you build your game.
  • Shaders - Various shaders and shader tutorials made by others.
  • Search Tools
  • Trouble Shooting - Answers to errors, exceptions, or problems in Unity.
  • Performance Tips

Search Tools

  • GitHub - An obvious one, especially if you are reading this page.
  • UnityList - A search engine that looks over sites with Unity content to find what you are looking for.

Performance Tips


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