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This is a home to a family of Elementary library packages.
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6 months ago1apache-2.0Java
Android 技术中台,但愿人长久,搬砖不再有
Flutter Architecture Blueprints1,308
a year ago30mitDart
Flutter Architecture Blueprints is a project that introduces MVVM architecture and project structure approaches to developing Flutter apps.
Android Learning Resources1,289
3 years ago2
Androidproject Kotlin677
5 months ago3apache-2.0Kotlin
Android 技术中台 Kotlin 版本,但愿人长久,搬砖不再有
a year agomitRoff
基于Kotlin + Jetpack全家桶 + Coroutines(协程) + Flutter等架构实现的一款精简版Github客户端项目,望与广大小伙伴一起成长,欢迎start or fork!
Flawless Ios222
3 years ago
Awesome iOS guides from the community, shared on Flawless iOS Medium blog 👉
Mood Example176
7 days agobsd-3-clauseDart
🐦 Flutter 3 心情记录 样例工程 - 国际化 i18n、uni 小程序、深色模式、多主题、本地数据管理、路由管理、状态管理、无障碍(Semantics)、异步 FFI、集成测试、图表统计、Excel 导入导出、游戏……
3 years agootherDart
Build MVVM App for Android and IOS with Flutter
Flutter Architecture112
3 years ago1Dart
Clean Architecture with MVVM for Flutter using Get_It, State management, SQFlite, Dio, StorageHelper, ConnectionHelper, custom widgets and more
Flutter Elementary105
25 days ago20August 14, 20221mitDart
This is a home to a family of Elementary library packages.
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This is a home to a family of Elementary library packages.

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Elementary overview

The primary goal of this library is to split code into different responsibility layers, thus making it clearer, simpler as well as more readable and testable. This approach is based on an architectural pattern called MVVM and the fundamentals of Clean Architecture.


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Mikhail Zotyev

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