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Awesome Open Source


VS2019 Add-in. Click on any method or class to see what .NET Core's JIT generates for them (ASM).


The Add-in targets .NET Core contributors so it assumes you already have a local dotnet/runtime repo. If you don't have it, the steps to obtain and configure are:

git clone [email protected]:dotnet/runtime.git
cd runtime
build.cmd Clr -c Checked


Click on Extensions\Manage Extensions menu, select Online tab and type Disasmo in the "Search" text box. Once the add-in is installed you have to close all active instances of VS2019 to let the installer finish its job.

Known Issues

  • Only .NET 5.0 and later projects are supported
  • I only tested it for simple Console Apps
  • Generic methods are not supported
  • Resharper hides Roslyn actions by default (Uncheck "Do not show Visual Studio Light Bulb").
  • The lightbulb can be slow on first launch
  • AltJIT (e.g. ARM ones) don't emit hw intrinsics (see

3rd party dependencies

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